Sunday, November 18, 2012

A true friend sticks closer
than one’s nearest kin.
-Proverbs 18:24

We had a surprise visitor this morning. Mr Praying mantis was just hanging around our front door checking out the view. He is about 4 inches long and he was checking us out too, you could see his little head moving around to see where we were.
Mr. Praying mantis
This week has been flat out with lots of different things happening.  We had a 4 hour drive to collect Brandon’s new car, that he is in love with. Lots of meetings at the high school and a garage sale yesterday for the P & C. We raised approximately $400.00, so we're all happy with that. In the meantime I have managed to find a super duper knitting pattern, free on the net and I have knitted 2 tops with number three on the way. Click here for the pattern, you won't be disappointed.
 Sweet baby tops

I made it using a thick four ply cotton and no.9 needles. It knits up quickly, there are only 2 ends to sew in when you've finished and it only needs one button!! All of the tops so far have knitted up to 6 inches in length and across the waist, when you lay the garment down is 5 inches. So just nice for a new born baby. I might see how it turns out using an 8 ply. The pattern is also for long sleeves as well.
Also some good news......we finally have a passion fruit on our passion fruit bush. We've had this bush for about 4-5 years and nothing!!! Last year we had some flowers pop up and this year we have fruit. I'm not sure how long it takes before a passion fruit appears but I'm happy anyway.

Passion fruit
Fantastic find at the garage sale for the school, just what I needed.....a pin up board for my patch working projects.
I'm about to visit my sister for a while and when I return home I am going to attack my sewing shed. I need to get in quick as I can feel it heating up already this morning. Have the best weekend and catch you another time.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

Such a special visitor!!
That's always exciting when you pick up a new car. And well done with the fund raising.
I always enjoy seeing your knitting projects - so sweet.
I love passion fruit but unfortunately we do not have one at this house. Must think about that!
Glad you got the pin board. They are so useful. What will be the first thing to go up on it?
Don't you get too roasted out in that sewing shed of yours!

Val said...

Such a cute little fellow. They seem to be out and about now. Same with huntsman spiders. I keep a plastic container about 12 cm diameter and a sheet of firm paper for catching things that come in the house. Lovely knitting. Baby things are so cute. Very exciting about the passionfruit. They seem a bit temperamental but get them in the right spot and they go crazy . Luckily my neighbour looks after the one on our joint fence and I just eat what grows on our side. Sounds like you did a great job at the sale. Is the money for something special?


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