Friday, November 30, 2012


is beauty.

-               William Blake
I’ve been missing in action but when you see all these things I have made you'll know why. First I have had the best time surfing the net finding some truly fantastic baby patterns to knit. I found this wonderful knitted baby sack pattern here and was surprised at how quickly it knitted up.
Warm baby sleeping sack
I did mine in an 8 ply with no. 5 needles and closed the bottom of the sack. You have an option to make the bottom closed or draw string to open the bottom up.  I'm thinking about knitting another one with the draw string bottom.
Another short sleeved knitted from the top baby jacket and some bootees that will go to a special little baby arriving in February. A sweet young lady who we have watched grow up is going to be a Mother herself soon.
More knitting!!!
Yet more baby gear...... a sweet little singlet knitted in cotton and fit for a new born baby.
Baby blue jacket also another pattern that started from the top and knitted downward. This seems very popular with today's knitter's. I'm of the vintage season but I am very happy with this concept.
Tonight I am working on some owls made out of scraps of wool. I have made some before but I love them so much, I needed to make more.
Cute owls
Managed to do some cooking too.....lovely sausage rolls, that are always a favourite around here.
Yummy sausage rolls
Oh yes, best of all, brekky. A lovely cup of tea and toast.
Nice brekky
I'm still working on a cloth doll at the moment, can't show you just yet. When I finish it, which will be very shortly, you can all giggle along with me. I'm up to no-good of course. Until then, stay safe.
Cheers, Anita.


Mr. Puffy said...

Wow!!! Wonderful knits and delicious baking ~ I'm in heaven. BTW I've heard new moms really love receiving a sleeping sack and that looks like a nice cozy one!

Anita said...

Too right Mr Puffy!!! New mums really do love the sleeping sacks. There are so many great free patterns out there, all you need to do is chose which one you like.

Karen said...

You have been busy! Love all the gorgeous knitting. The sleep sack looks perfect for a new baby!
I can imagine a tree filled with your owls very soon. I have a few to show off soon, too.
Yummy cooking. Stay cool!

busybusybeejay said...

Gosh, you have been busy.You must be so excited about the new arrival.I have five grandchildren and love them all to bits.

Lynne said...

Those sausage rolls look delicious and now that the temperature is under 30°C I could even be tempted!


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