Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clipart Image: Cartoon of a Sheep Wearing Sunglasses

Faith is nurtured by love, as the flame

in a lamp is nurtured by the oil.

-Martin Luther, Discourse on Free Will.
Happy Birthday Pixie!!!
Have the best day special boy.

Hello and welcome to our lovely weekend. My plans for this weekend are to do some gardening (weeding), sewing and knitting in the night time. Hubby and Cory are at a gokart meeting 5 hours away and Brandon and I are sharing a quiet weekend together. I have been worried though as Cory is suffering a sinus headache, and as all mother's do....they worry. Hope you're feeling better Cory.
Since last week I have finished a gorgeous speckled blue and white cardigan to fit a 3-6 month old baby, and I am so pleased with the softness of the yarn, no knots in the yarn and the end product. I'm real cranky though because I wanted to share the pattern with you but can't find it just at the minute.
I have also made this cute little top in cotton and I'm so pleased with the end result of this too. A special package from the stork will arrive in February so I though perhaps some garments made in cotton would be the right trick. How do you like it?
This pattern seems to be the in thing at the moment, the buttons are more on the side of the garment instead of the usual down the middle. I did notice all the buttons to start with, as I am a ratbag for not liking to sew on buttons, but this was no problem.
The pattern for this sweet little top is here
Also this week I whipped up this little purse bag, made from bits of leftover material. Just enough room to stick my wallet and keys for the days when I'm out at one of the cafes for afternoon tea.
If you want a good laugh and you have small kids this book is for you. It is an all time favourite of mine and I came across it the other day. In this book there are actually 2 stories going on and it's pretty funny. The book is written by Dav Pilkey, the author of Captain Underpants, another favourite of mine. I used to read the Captain Underpants to my boys at bedtime, what a riot!!!!
Well shortly I am collecting my partner in crime, Heather, to go out to the local garden centre that is just out of town. We are out to find some native bushes for her garden and mine, I hope she behaves today!! lol. Our weather today is for the high 30 C's and I can feel it is already warm at 8.30am!! All the best for your weekend and good luck to Cory!! P.S. Pix don't forget to take a photo of that baby belly!!!
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

These are great little outfits. They both look gorgeous! great gifts.
Cute little bag.
Hope Corey feels better and has a good time.
Have fun with Heather.

Aussie Maria said...

Seems like we are both expecting stork visits at the same time. But by the look of things mine will be a little different
Lovely projects

Val said...

Such cute little knit things. I love the buttons down the side. What a great little bag. Hope you had a lovely day.

raining sheep said...

I love the hooded little cardi; so sweet


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