Saturday, December 8, 2012

Up to no good!!!

Skill to do

comes of doing.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Boy I have to admit it....I’ve been up to no good the last few weeks. At a recent P & C meeting our Principal stirred everyone up with his cheek so I decided to get even. Revenge called for a look-a-like cloth doll to be made and here he is......
Principal John
Making sure I set Principal John up at his desk while he was away in another town having a meeting gave me good opportunity to set the doll up in position, ....
Have you got a headache?
Do you want one?
Stick some pins in his head, and that was just for fun and had the office girls cracked up all over the place with laughter. Everyone commented on how alike the doll actually looked. So other people better beware!! Lol. The Principal John doll is about 33 inches high and made out of calico for the body, assortment of wool for the hair (including mullet hairdo), coat made from an unused coat and stitched on eyebrows. Everyone had a great laugh including John. I didn’t need to stick the pins into his face, he’s a pretty nice guy, but it was for fun!!
In the making department I thought I would make myself a Christmas beaded doll brooch and also my friend Lizzie who is working at the same school as me. Lizzie is a lovely aboriginal friend whom I have become very close to. I will give her the brooch on Monday morning.
My friend Lizzie
In the knitting department I have knitted up this cute little elephant, a free pattern on the net. Simple to knit and you have a choice of knitting on double pointed needles or just flat and sew it up when you finish. Click here for the pattern. Super fun, super cute.
Cute elephant
Also knitted..... Miss bear. She is from an older edition of Guardian Angel. I have knitted her in a 10 ply yarn, but the pattern in the book is 8 ply. It doesn't really matter what ply it is, just go for it. This bear is bigger than when I have knitted it in 8 ply, but it doesn't turn out much bigger in 10 ply. Elephant and bear are in the library.
Finished projects
Not long to go now and I'm on holidays again for the summer break. I intend to do lots of craft work, gardening and swimming. I am trying to recover from a night out to the city during the week. Having woken up at 4.30am, working most of the day, shopping and then off on a bus full of canteen ladies and two brave men to the city. We went to the Burswood Casino for dinner, had a look around and didn't get home until almost midnight. So as you can guess, I had a long day. I'm having a quiet weekend doing some craft work and playing catch up. Hope you guys are having a great weekend and chat with you soon.
Cheers, Anita.
I’m naughty!!



Karen said...

I do love the photos of your principal doll. He looks great! What fun!
As always, the brooches look cute and the knitting is great, too. Of course I am partial to the elephants.

suzitee said...

LOL that is VERY naughty but so funny!

Lynne said...

Did Principal John like his little gift?


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