Sunday, July 29, 2012

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

A smoking chimney in a
great house is a good sign.
-English proverb

Hello, I have had the best weekend and almost forgot to share with you all. On Friday we went for a trip to the ‘big smoke’ to get Cory fitted up with braces. I went prepared with panadol and other pain killers in case Cory started getting pains before we arrived home. He is going well and the braces aren’t as painful as we thought they were going to be. When those teeth are all straight it will be all worth it for him. Last weekend a kind work mate of mine offered me 6 big boxes full of craft stuff. Did I knock that back? Not on your Nelly!! There was a variety of goodies in there including, material, wool, gift cards, gift paper, cello, ribbon, and lots more. So with some of the material I have made this banner to decorate the top of the library bulletin board.

Can’t wait to hang this
While surfing the net I found this cute knitting pattern to make some little pixies. Just with scrap pieces of wool and corks that were from that box of goodies given to me, I made these guys in no time at all. These will end up in the library but I have decided to include them as one of my entries for the annual agricultural show. Click here for the pattern.
Another great find in the box of goodies were two balls of Velveteen by Patons. This is very soft to the touch and felt it would make a lovely soft neck warmers. I cast on 40 sts and just started to knit away. When I have knitted it long enough to suit, I will then twist it a few times and then sew the piece together.

Lovely to knit with
In my quest to find a home for all my new found treasures I came across a bag I had made some years ago. It was a comfort project actually and was a welcome therapy during that time. My father had only days to live and I kept myself occupied with my stitching. I always think of him when I look at the bag and as he was a terrific gardener it seemed appropriate at that time. My father could grow the biggest garlic you ever did see, in fact he could grow anything he put his mind to.

A stitch in time
I’m so excited that the Olympic Games are on, it really is a highlight to all the athletes who have trained for years to get in their top form. I get puffed out just watching them in their sport!! I wish all of the athletes many best wishes and good luck. Have a wonderful week.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

I am glad the fitting of braces went well. That's another big step out of the way.
Looks like you did score well with all the craft supplies. Great to see have already been put to good use.
That's a fun one with the corks and the scarf will be welcome in the cold.
It's good that you found the bag. It's nice to have memories of your dad.
Enjoy the games. There's lots to come!

Wendy said...

How cute are these pixies!

Now, I found the pattern you were looking for. Except I'm not sure it was you... was it?


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