Sunday, July 1, 2012

Darn skirt!!!!

A word fitly spoken is like apples
of gold in a setting of silver.
_Proverbs 25.11

I must say, I’ve been missing in action these last couple of weeks. It’s been that crazy busy around here that I haven’t even been able to visit my niece for her birthday. We have made contact by phone and birthday wishes were passed on, however with the school holidays just around the corner, we will manage to catch up. Last weekend was spent sitting outside the supermarket selling raffle tickets for the high school my son attends. It was cold and chilly to the bone, but I’m glad I didn’t have to do it this weekend, it was colder still. The raffle was for a load of wood and considering how cold it was, I’m surprised more people didn’t buy tickets. Brandon also went for the last part of his driving test and passed, so he is stoked about that. Well done Brandon.

My tribe is laid up with the cold and sore throats, especially my big boy. So things are quiet around here. I have finally finished sewing a skirt that I’ve been at for a couple of weeks and I have to be truthful, this skirt has caused me that much grief.....for a simple style skirt!! I have called this skirt almost every name in the book, and I might add, they weren’t very nice names and I won’t repeat them. I have unstitched every seam, one side twice, redone the zip, the backs of the skirt did not line up when completed, and I even had to unpick and redo the last two inches on the under flap. It gave me grief right to the end. However, I have tried the skirt on, and it fits nicely, looks nice on, doesn’t show my pouch!! And is nice and warm. So it was really worth the fight.
I don’t have anything in the way of knitting to show you, as the last couple of weeks I’ve been sewing on buttons, stitching up some of the things I have already shown you and I have 253 sts on my knitting needles right now, knitting something splendid for the show. By next week I should have something to show you and it is pretty indeed.
I didn’t make Max pose for this photo, he put the scarf on himself and posed!!!! Big Westcoast Eagles supporters live around here and they won their footy game this week. Go the Eagles!!!!

Cheers, Anita.

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Karen said...

Definitely impressed with the way you stuck to finishing the skirt. Well worth it.
Congrats to Brandon on the driving test,too.
I Guess you are looking forward to the holidays. Sounds like you need to slow down a bit.
Hope everyone feels better soon.


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