Sunday, August 5, 2012

Remember the tea kettle: when it’s up
to its neck in hot water, it sings.
-Early American Folk Wisdom

Finally, I get a turn on the computer!! My hubby has discovered the show “Sons of anarchy” and is finding it hard not to watch it all day long. Our disc will not play in the dvd recorder but will play on the computer, so I have been kicked off! Lol. I have spent most of today out in my sewing shed and have managed to complete an I-spy table cloth. At the time of taking the photo I was still sewing the blocks together, but since I couldn’t get anywhere near the computer.......I finished the project.
We enjoyed this lovely tray of cooked prawns, green capsicum and garlic sauce for lunch. Hubby cooked it out on the BBQ and it was yummy. A nice, light and tasty lunch.
We have had an ongoing flow of young lads at home this weekend, friends of Cory and Brandon. They are really a nice bunch of lads and are a pleasure to have over. Our town celebrated the Avon Descent festival on Friday and Saturday, it is a white water race held annually and people worldwide enter the competition. We don’t know who the winners are at this stage, but I bet they’re tired from all the rowing and paddling.

Our winter is coming to a close,  Spring  is just around the corner. The weekend   has been spent pulling those weeds that have managed to grow without us knowing about them. I purchased this native bush at our local nursery. It is called a Grevillea Carramar Orange and grows 2 metres tall and  the same in width. I have made a good clear space to plant the Grevillea in. It will attract birds into our garden and have lovely flowers when in bloom. Our yard has many native bushes and it attracts so many birds that at sunset in summer it is so noisy with busy bird calls.
Before I sign off I just want to say that I have really enjoyed the many emails I get from people out there in blog land. I have made so many friends and chatting with you via email is a delight. I’m sending love to Linda and Vicki, fantastic blogger mates, who need a few extra hugs just now. Take care girls. Next time I blog I should have finished my cute little girl jumper that I am knitting. Until then, peace be with you.

Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

Love the idea of an I-Spy tablecloth. Lots of entertainment over a meal.
Lots of white water kayaking - that sounds interesting but cold.
Hope you enjoyed your time in the garden. Yes Spring is hopefully just around the corner.

Vickie said...

Holey guacomoleee I am finally able to get in and post a comment, seriously saw a photo over there on the right and thought nope wrong blog..hehehe
Glad to see you got a turn on the computer but hey wowsers to the sewing you have completed..reads like you have been busy...can't wait to see the jumper..cheers Vickie


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