Saturday, July 21, 2012

In all pleasure hope

is a considerable part.

-Samuel Johnson

My holidays have almost come to an end and I’m ready for the next 10 weeks of work before the next lot of holidays begin again. Most of these holidays have been spent as Nurse Anita to my two boys who needed watching over after the removal of wisdom teeth. The weather was perfect for staying home near the fire, having hot lunches and generally not rushing anywhere. I decided that during the day, between nurse shifts, I would sew and at night I would do my knitting. It turned out to be a good idea except for times when my hands felt like they were cheating on my knitting with my sewing. I found some great library display books in the local library and made this banner. I still need to put on a border and tags for the back to hang it.

I have heard that people are going crazy over a book called Fifty Shades of Gray by E L James. Apparently it is very saucy and EL James is a first time writer. Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy sold 1.2 million copies since the first book came out in April. I’m thinking it might make my hair go curly but I have to wonder what it’s all about. Anyone read it?

I have been doing a bit of patchwork on the holidays too, trying to use some scraps again in an attempt to cull that sewing shed of mine. I’m not succeeding with that. I made a mat for my sewing machine and though it is plain, it is very handy to put my threads, needles and other bits in while I’m sewing.

 My husband and I had a day in Perth and visited Ikea. We purchased some great storage pieces. I saw this at my lovely niece’s house and had to ask where it was purchased from. When Lisa told me the price of it, I nearly fell over. $50!!!! We bought 3 for the boy’s rooms and found a couple of laundry stands that is so desperately needed in Cory’s room.

It didn’t take long for stickers to appear!!
A recent visit to the op shop and I found some cute wooden farm animals. I’m going to paint them up and they can be part of a library display.

Well I’m taking off now to get tea ready. Tonight is a knitting night for me and I’m almost finished with the last sleeve for my cardigan. I can’t wait to wear this cardigan and I’ll take a photo of it when it’s finished. I will keep doing some knitting for the show and I’m pleased to hear more babies are on the way around our neck of the woods.......I have a home now for the knitted baby items I am making as show entries.
Cheers, Anita


Karen said...
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Karen said...

Why do the holidays always go so quickly? Hope both the boys have bounced back well.
Your library banner looks great and is so appropriate. Love it.
Isn't Ikea the most wonderful place? I think I could live there!
Can't remember if I told you about my last Op shop find - 8 baby and toddler knitting books for 99c each. All were very recent publications.


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