Friday, July 13, 2012

Neurotic racoon

Happiness may be a warm puppy

but joy is having a good friend

to share your life with.

I have come to the realization that no matter how old my boys are I will always be a neurotic racoon when it comes to their health and safety. Brandon and Cory both had their wisdom teeth and a few extra teeth taken out just recently, and for the weeks leading up to the surgery I didn’t sleep well, eat well or function on all 6 cylinders!! The day of the surgery was probably the most nerve racking but we made it through very well. Cory came out with hardly any swelling to the face, whereas poor old Brandon has hamster face. It was a long day for us all and we arrived home at 8.45 at night. I am so glad hubby took the day off work to help because it would’ve been a struggle without him. I have had time to reflect on situations because I felt like this with what is considered a minor surgery, I can’t begin to feel how a friend of mine whose daughter has just had heart surgery!

We’re all settled in for the last week of the holidays now and there is lots of sewing and knitting going on around here, as Mrs Neurotic racoon has been staying close to home these last week. I have finished the lovely pink knitted baby dress and forgive me, but there are no buttons sewn on the gown just yet, but you can see how darling this outfit turned out. I have used a 4 ply patons yarn and it was nice to knit with. I have made this outfit as a show entry and was wondering what to do with it when the show was over. Don’t need to worry now, there are babies on the way once again.

I went to Toodyay again with Heather to purchase some yarn. Heather is now knitting chemo caps for her daughter’s friend and needed some nice soft yarn. I had to tag along to buy yarn as well, and keep Heather out of mischief!! Lol. I have started to knit a cardigan for myself and found a gorgeous navy blue yarn. Just the right colour to go with some navy coloured pants I recently purchased. I have 215 stitches on my knitting needles right now and I’m OK with that because I won’t have much sewing up to do when I complete the cardigan. I have cast on in 5mm needles, knit for about 8 inches and then change to 4mm knitting needles. I can’t wait to wear this cardigan.

A bit of sewing as well is happening around Hayestackhayes. I am making some toys for another school library over these holidays and this little critter will join the stash. There is no pattern, just some rectangle shapes for the legs and arms and a bigger rectangle body. Odd buttons stitched on for the eyes, sew on a mouth and you have a critter. I have made these for my library and they get carted around all over the place. Oh there are some scraps of felt on the head too.
Max thinks his coat is pretty special too. As he is 11 years old, we see that each winter now he seems to need more warmth. I traced around a small dogs coat and just went from there. The inside has some wadding inside and the straps have Velcro to hold it on. I had a lucky find at the op shop.......a 100% pure wool underlay for $6. That’s in Max’s dog kennel now. Max looks so snug in his kennel, I’m glad.

What are these you ask? You will have to wait a little to see what this project is.

Well it’s almost time for nurse Anita to dish out the medicine for her patients so I must be away. I have a visitor to knit with this afternoon. Miss Heather is coming to join me for afternoon tea. Have a wonderful day.
Cheers, Anita.

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Karen said...

I am so pleased the surgery for the boys went well and now all they need to do is recover. Hopefully both will bounce back really quickly.
That's a gorgeous little dress and the knitting for you looks very interesting, too.
Great ideas for the school toys. he kids love them.
And isn't Max a lucky dog! That will keep him extra warm.
Enjoy the rest of your break.


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