Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worms anyone?

Each changing season begins its

own blessings, purpose and beauty.

It’s sunny here today and we welcome the warmth, I decided to go outside in the garden and as I admired my lovely nasturtiums that are popping up I also noticed these wretched things having a feast. By the time you read this post they will already be in wormy heaven.
We enjoyed a night out last night, a friend of ours celebrated his 50th birthday. We are all growing older, however I see my birthdays as just numbers. I noticed several of our friends saying they still felt 18 years old in the head, and I feel the same way. It was nice to catch up with a few friends I hadn't seen since our high school days, and I certainly enjoyed that.
This week I found an interesting knitting pattern that I thought I would give a try. It is a cowl neck scarf and it is such an easy pattern and very stylish. As you can see, I have made 2 already and have the third one on the go.

My lovely neighbour Lorraine gave me these two cute prem baby beanies to donate to the hospital when I drop my lot off. Lorraine is another mad knitter and I just laugh when I visit her, she can usually be found in her

knitting corner, lamp on, knitting needles blazing away and a cup of tea. She usually finds me the same way when she visits.

My baby knitting and chemo caps have come to an end now and when I finish my cowl neck scarf I will make a late start on my show entries. I am annoyed at myself for the late start but a few other important things came up.

Cheers, Anita.

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