Sunday, December 4, 2011

Feels like Christmas

Peace to you. The friends send you their greetings.
Greet the friends there, each by name.
-3 John 15

Once the Christmas tree started going up that was it.....I'm feeling the Christmas spirit. I have a small gathering of Christmas characters welcoming friends at the front door.

Cory helped me decorate the tree, and he asked me about the decorations Brandon and he had made at primary school.....they were there! Our tree has many of our handmade decorations on there too.

For my work mates, I have started to make some Christmas beaded dolls. As you can see they aren't finished, but will  be when they are required. I still have to attach their dresses, hair and faces. I have had some gold material sitting around for ages and thought their knickers would look good in gold.

I love all the help I can get for new ideas for Christmas and on a visit to the local library, found these great magazines just loaded with great cooking ideas, crafts and decorating tips. I was naughty and grabbed all of the magazines to look at.
 As I have mentioned, I now have a new sewing shed, and during the shift I came across a loved treasure. This is the cot cover both of my boys used as babies. It fits an average sized cot and was used as a lay-down blanket on the floor. Each section was done in colonial and french knots. The blanket is about 18 years old and I will hang on to it so another baby can use it.

I rather love the train, probably because my husband works with them.

For the rest of the day I plan to hover around the yard and generally bum around. This morning I was up at 5.30am doing the ironing. No I'm not mad, but as we are expecting 35 C today, I thought I would get the ironing and vacuuming done before the weather comes in hot.

I have 7 more working days and then I'm on holidays with the boys. I can't wait to have some holidays and to test out my shed. Catch you soon. Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Isn't it fun getting out the decorations each year? I love it when the kids still remember the ones they have made a long time ago.
Your little quilt is a great discovery - the start of a family heirloom.
Glad to hear there are not too many work days left. Our schools go up to the 22nd this year.

teresa said...

I love handmade Christmas decorations too... they're the best. Your cot quilt is wonderful and definitely a treasure. Your Christmas spirit is infectious xx


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