Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Haven

A friend's smile
leaves an imprint
on your heart.

To anyone else this is just a shed, to me it is my haven. Pixie put on the final touches during the week and the exodus from house to haven started immediately!!

I have wanted my own little space for a long time, but as always something else popped up. The shed is 3m x 2m and I can't believe how much I have collected over time. I have also moved some of the boys toys in there and have started 'culling' what we don't need. I have to say, I'm a happy camper right now.

Though I don't feel as if I managed to do much crafting due to the move, I did get to knit this cute little owl from a Handmade magazine. He is only about 3 inches high, but cute as a bug. I am taking him to live in the library. He has a felt nose and felt eyes. Knitted in 8 ply wool, it could easily be made bigger by using a double yarn of 8ply or even chunky wool.

Yesterday Pixie and I went for a trip to the city by ourselves and did  a bit of Christmas shopping. We buy locally first but in the city there were some bargains that were worth the trip. It was nice to go for a drive by ourselves, the only one I had to compete with to get a word in edgewise was my hubby. lol. We did drop in to Spotlight on the way back home for some Christmas coloured beads. I was good and put my blinkers on, straight in and straight out. After just organising my sewing shed, I know I have to leave the material alone.

On the knitting front, I have found an adorable pattern to knit using 8 ply wool. I have about 230 stitches on my needles right now and getting along nicely with the pattern.

The things you find when you are having a clean up. I had to empty out the carved chest in order to move it into the shed. What did I find? last year's Easter gift to Heather!!! I knew I put it somewhere.
 I quickly made up this little pouch for some gadget my husband has. I can't remember the name for it, but this gadget tells you when you are speeding. Pixie wanted a pouch made for it when it isn't in use. Pretty good gadget actually.

For the rest of the weekend I plan to enjoy my sewing room, do the yucky ironing first and get some pavers from Heather's house. I can't tease Heather on my blog anymore, I've been sprung by one of her spies!!! Ha Ha. Hello Suez. Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Very pleased to see the progress in the studio. I can see you in there soon! Love the owl and the knitting looks interesting.
At least you are ready for next Easter!

Country Whispers said...

You are so lucky to get your own sewing space. I'd love to have a place to stash my crafting goodies.
I so wish I could knit!
Your little owl is adorable and can't wait to see the other project when it's finished.

Suez said...

Hey Anita, don't stop on my account. I enjoy passing your comments on! Suez


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