Monday, December 26, 2011


Letter writing is the only device for
combining solitude with good company.
-Lord Byron

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a lovely day. We stayed close to our swimming pool and the fridge. Santa was very kind to us this year and we are thankful. I made several handmade gifts for friends and family, and I'm just mad over this lovely gift bag I made for my niece Lisa.
 With Christmas over for another year, I'm back at my knitting and toy making. I have completed this cute little koala, made from 8 ply acrylic. Love the fluffy ears. His nose is a bit special too.

 From the same book comes Mr. Wombat looking all gorgeous. It stands about 6 inches high when finished and is very quick too knit up.

 The lady who cleans at the library gave me this book as she had found it in an op shop and couldn't leave it behind. There are lots of different themes in this book, Antarctica, deep sea, farm and Australian wildlife animals. It is rather a fun book.

Well, it is getting close to tea time and I think we will have something other than cold meat and
salad. It has been a cooler day here today, a break from the very high 30 C's we've been having.
Enjoy these lovely days off and I'll return soon.
Kind regards, Anita.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Good to see you made it through Christmas in one piece.
I do like the koala and wombat. Delightful.


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