Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm on holidays!

In Charity there
is no excess.
- Francis Bacon.

It is officially holiday time for me as of midday today, and I'm really looking forward to these holidays. These little sweethearts were taken to work on Tuesday, wrapped in cello and accompanied with a chocolate. Included was a safety pin so they could wear their Christmas dolls straightaway.
 One of the girls at work spotted my reindeer in the Christmas display and said she would love 2 for her Christmas table. The pattern for the reindeer is in the Homespun magazine No.18 (Vol 4.4). It is an older edition, but a favourite.

 I have used yoyo's instead of Christmas trees as in the pattern, only because I had so many yoyo's laying around that they needed to be used up. The legs have bells on the bottom of the hooves and material wrapped around the ankle.
 I am hoping to get a good start on some housework tomorrow, the afternoons will be reserved for crafting. I'll be able to blog a little more now and have a bit of time to check out other wonderful blogs.
Tick, tick, tick, Christmas is getting closer, see you soon. Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Happy Holidays!! You deserve a lovely break!!!

Val said...

So pleased you made it to the holidays. I love the little brooches and the fat reindeer look so cute, like they have just eaten Christmas dinner :D
I found a cute monkey pattern here
There are lots of interesting patterns at this site.


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