Sunday, July 3, 2011

Softie toys

The most important
thing a father
can do for his children is
to love their mother.
Theodore Hesburgh

Happy Sunday to you all. I have had one big sewing weekend and now have lots of goodies to take to work with me......sneak to work with me. I have shifted in to my new library and now I need to add a few more toys to the collection. I found some nice softie patterns on the net during the week and thought I might test them out. One of the girls in my knitting group tenderly nagged me to make a blanket for her favourite toy in the library, so that's what all these toys are sitting on. The pink cat pattern is simple and easy to make. If you want to make the pink cat, click here.

I couldn't resist this little chick. She is adorable and about 4 and a half inches high. For this little chick pattern, click here. I didn't put ric rac on this chick, but I will on the next lot that I make!!!

Now this little guy in the photo below I did find him on the net as a free pattern, I just can't remember where. I know I drew him free hand, that's why I don't have the site address.

 I quite like birds, as it shows with the toys I made, and I also had to make Mr. Owl, below, from a Handmade magazine. I still have to put eyes on him, he looks a bit scary right now. The Handmade I found him in was Volume 25, No. 3. He'll be a real hoot in the library.

 I had so much time this weekend, that I continued to join scraps of material together, in a quest to finish this table cloth. I just find it very hard to throw away bits of material. I have it ingrained into me to never be wasteful, perhaps reading about life in the early days when women used up every bit of anything they had is etched in my mind as well.

I had the pleasure today of dropping off the premie baby items I knitted for a friend who can no longer knit. The beanie and bootees below were the last to be made. I read in an article that premie babies love bright colours and helps stimulate their minds. The friend I knitted these for wanted to pay me, however no money need exchange hands as she looked after my husband for years when he was younger. Now I have the pleasure of spoiling him.

Another interesting piece of information for you. The lady at our local craft shop attended a craft seminar where they learn the latest updates about the craft world. Apparently people are now starting to lean towards practical crafts, making items they can use, things such as bags, tea towels, making children's clothing and cloth nappies!!! Yay, help the environment. I was a bit staggered about this information because I wasn't aware the trend was changing. It has to do with the economic situation and many young people are now starting to make their own things. I'm thrilled to bits about the whole thing, perhaps more people will really appreciate handmade gifts now. I mean that in a nice way. I so enjoy receiving a gift that someone has spent time on making for me.

Well. enjoy what is left of the weekend. I am waiting for two of my boys to return from their go karting weekend, I miss them always when they go away. Brandon and I have spent a lovely quiet weekend at home, both nursing colds. We're on the mend and feeling much better. The fire has been burning away and it's toasty inside. Kind regards, Anita.


rosie said...

Anita, I love your softies.. some little person in the library will adore these.. Just a coincidence that I blogged about softies too!! Also love your sentiment about handmade too..xx

Karen said...

You said your collection was going to grow, and it certainly has. All the softies look like good fun. Love the idea of all your scraps going into the tablecloth. Very smart. Best wishes to that lovely little baby.
You keep snug and warm so you can shake that cold!

teresa said...

Oh Wow Anita.. what a great post. Your softies are just gorgeous and the kids are going to LOVE them. I am totally in love with your little premie beanie and bootees.. I didn't know that about the colours and the yellow you chose is just divine. I was thrilled to read too about the trend to handmade.. I couldn't think of anything more encouraging. I agree with you... handmade all the way!!! Looks like you had a very productive weekend... hope you are both feeling better.

Vickie said...

gee woman ..hope Pixie made you a cuppa after typing that loooooobng post..very good read may I add. Love your softies and I'm sure the kids will too,good too see your not wasting any fabric with sewing up them scraps.Love the booties and beanie,cheers Vickie

Maria said...

You have been keeping very busy all weekend Anita. Sorry you have a cold and could not come with Bev to Toodyay to catch up with us.Hope to meet you next time.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the little chick is my favorite! How cute they all are though!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Congrats on all your finishes this past week.
Stay warm.


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