Friday, July 22, 2011

Busy holidays

It's not about
counting the years....but
making the years count.
-Michelle Amand.

My husband and sons have driven off together for a bit of 'mantime'. Oh boy! I thought I would show you what I have been up to the last few days. I have finished making another Mammy doll and she turned out really cute. The material I used was from a shopping spree Heather and I went on several months ago to a farm near Meckering.

Mammy still needs hair and maybe a ripped piece of material to tie on her head and some shoe laces. I'm going to make a couple more dolls in the next few days. During these holidays I have also been given a big bag of wool from one of my lovely friends. It is full of 8 ply mixed colours. I can think of a few good things I can make from this stash.
 I had to laugh today, I go out the backyard to find all the boys together huddled around Brandon's car. A new exhaust system is being fitted and they're all excited about that....give me wool any day!

I have attacked some of the 100 weeds that have sprung up in our yard this winter, and millions of nasturtium's are also popping up.

I had myself a visit to the craft shop a couple of days ago and just couldn't resist buying the baby wool. There are a couple more babies about to come into the world soon, so I can knit up a few cardigans for them.

The school my boys attend will be holding a quiz night, and it's been hard work organising everything to make the night a success. This is my first time being involved in a quiz night, but it should be a great night. That has kept me on the trot these holidays. The local businesses have been very supportive and lots of lovely gifts donated.

I have met up with several friends over these holidays and enjoyed ourselves going out to the local cafes around the town. We are off to the city tomorrow for a spot of shopping, lots of craft shops down that way!! Hope you all have a great weekend and take care. Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Your mammy is looking wonderful, even with out her hair. Have a lovely time in the city and good luck with the quiz night. They are good fun.

Val said...

The mammy doll's clothes are so cute. I'm glad you are going to give her some hair. I was concerned she was meant to be bald. A little hair and a little kerchief tied around will be perfect. I hope your quiz night goes well and that you find a few bargains on your shopping excursion.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Anita,
well I have had the most fabulus time catching up on your blog, it has been a fantastic visit thanks, I haven't been here for a bit so nice to catch up with all your happenings. I love Mammy doll, she is so cute, I remember these from my childhood, where they were really 2 dolls in one, the skirt flipped over to reveal another doll hiding in the petticoats.
Enjoy your holiday times, Shiree


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