Sunday, July 10, 2011

Holiday time

Go back a little,
to leap further.
-John Clarke

I can't believe the school holidays are here again!! It just seems like five seconds ago school started for term 2. It is our winter and these holidays will be used to sew some toys, knit a cardigan for myself and whatever pops up in the mean time. I found a cute little knitted elephant pattern on the net, I just had to make him/her. You can use any ply wool you like. This is mine.
When I make my next elephant I will use smaller needles. I used size 8 needles knitting this one and you can see the toy stuffing, so maybe size 9 needles would be better. The elephant even has a cute little plaited tail. Elephant only stands about 4 inches high. Like to make elephant? click here.

I haven't put my needles down much lately, today I finished a vintage child's bonnet. A favourite book of mine that I love dearly has many lovely patterns to knit including bears.

I need to check out my cupboard for some cream lace now to make the bonnet ties.

I made some yummy jam drop biscuits too but thought I better take a photo quick smart or there will only be crumbs left.

Well it's back to the sewing machine for me, I have two girls on the go and they're coming along nicely. It's pretty cold here today so I'm not moving too far outside. Maybe another piping hot cup of tea for good measure. Have a terrific weekend. Kind regards, Anita.



Karen said...

Always loved it when the holidays arrived! NO alarm clock or deadlines for a few days. Hooray!
I know you will enjoy your time with sewing, cooking and family. Hope the weather gives you a few pleasant days at least! Enjoy.
Love the little elephant, too!

Sue said...

Such a cute Elephant and I'd love to knit one but 40 years ago it took me a whole pregnancy to finish one bootie....The child never did get to wear them.


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