Thursday, July 14, 2011

A quick post

If I had a flower for
every time I thought
of you, I could walk
in my garden forever.
-Alfred Tennyson

Coo-ee! It's lovely and sunny out our way today. I have just come
inside from doing some weeding and thought I would sneak in a
quick post. My adorable friend Heather joined me for an overdue cup of tea on Tuesday and gave me a couple of copies of Homespun. I haven't been the same since!! lol. The minute Heather stepped out the yard, I was cutting out material, pinning things together and was on my way. What got me all excited was Chookie Dee.
 I fell in love with the eyes, this chook looks a little bit like a bandit. Which is the opinion some of my friends have about me.
Hmmm? I also love the red buttons on the knee caps. The edition I found Chookie Dee in is No.97 (Vol12.6). The blue issue.

You all would realize that Chookie Dee is going to live in the library. Oh and on the sewing scene I found a great free download on the net for these dolls. They're called Silly girl dolls. Just click here for the pattern. Have fun with her. Love the eyes.

Well I did say this would be a quick post, and I can't resist that sunshine outside. More weeding for me, after all the rain we've been having. The weekend is approaching also, cross our fingers for a bit of warm sunny weather. Hugs to you all.
Kind regards, Anita.


Sue said...

Chookie Dee is so cute, now you'll be making little dollies with green eyes too.

Vickie said...

way to go girl ...lovely chookie and's the weeding going?cheers Vickie

Karen said...

Your sewing machine must start to smoke sometimes with all the work it gets!!
The chook and the dolls look great! The kids will love them in the library.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Awesome! I love that chook! and I know my friend already picked up that issue of that magazine for me! I"m so excited!

Bev C said...

I think that chookie will have to be in charge of the overdue library books.
Happy days.


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