Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tiny babes

In the middle
of every difficulty
lies opportunity.
-Albert Einstein

We held a Wood raffle last weekend to raise money for our high school P & C, and while I was sitting there selling tickets, I met up with an old friend. A member of her family had given birth to a 750gm baby and as my friend is unable to knit any more, she asked me to make some bootees and beanies for the baby. You know me.....

 I thought I would make an assortment of sizes, starting from the extreme small (left side of the screen) to bigger sizes. I'm sure it will take an awful long time for baby to fit into the pink bootees on the right. I couldn't help but get the old ruler out to measure how small the tiny bootees were. Pretty unreal.

I found the pattern for these small bootees on the net and if you would like the pattern, click here. The pattern is very simple and I knitted it with 3 ply and 4ply wool. I suppose for a normal sized baby you could even try 8 ply, see how that goes. Might try it myself. If you would like the pattern for the beanie with the cord, click here. I did a lot of net surfing and found many sites that had free premature baby patterns. Using google images saved stacks of time in my quest to find the best patterns for me. I have a bright yellow beanie on the go at the moment and then I will give the pretty bundle to my friend.
 On a recent trip to the local library I found some fantastic books to read through and get lots of ideas from. Our annual show is a few months away and I want to make as many things as I can.

As I looked through this book, boy did I get some great ideas. You might take a trip to your own library (or book shop), and find a copy of your own.
My week was taken up with moving into my own new library at work and a friendly bunch of parents happily helped me move. I'm so thankful they helped, I would still be there moving!! Everything is sorted out now and it will be business as usual. Oh, oh I have to make more toys now as I have found more places I can put these new toys in the library. Any excuse will do.

I can't believe Brandon has his own car now and has his learner's permit to drive. The years are just ticking away and I do recall a friend telling me to enjoy your children because before you know it, the time goes. I was already enjoying and loving my boys to bits, but my friend was right, the time goes fast.

Today I plan on baking and catching up with housework.....and sewing. Not long now until the school holidays and over this break I am going to relax with the boys and catch up on the Supernatural series that I missed out on. I'm not a TV person, especially not in the daytime, but the guys on Supernatural are fairly easy on the eye! giggle giggle. Make the most of Sunday. Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Well these have to be the cutest thing I have seen for quite a while. So little!! What a wonderful help they will be. Best wishes to the family and their little one!
I am delighted to hear that you are finally in the new library. Sounds like it went without too many hiccups. How you have lots of fun working in your new surrounds.
Enjoy the holiday break, too. Our kids have one more week before the break.
Great books from your local library, too. I will be making the most of ours in the future. We have just had a new building built in our town for the library and it opened this week. So much space - it's wonderful. ( They have been in portable for a couple of years during construction..) I am looking forward to getting back into regular borrowing habits.
Catch up soon.

Vickie said...

oh you are such a special person..patting you on the back I am- what a wonderful job-I am sure they will be well loved..psst only the kids get older we stay the same age....cheers Vickie

Sue said...

Hi Anita, I'm looking forward to meeting you at Avalon tomorrow. Great knitting, I love those weeny little booties. Cheers Sue


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