Monday, June 6, 2011

A favourite of mine.

Be the person
you always knew
you were meant to be,
but never quite had
the courage for.

Here in Western Australia we are having a long
weekend to celebrate Foundation Day, and that means
more time to spend with my three darlings, sew, knit and catch up with things. On Friday night, Pixie received a request from his best mate's daughter. "Pixie, can you ask your 'Mum' (meaning me, his wife) to make me a Banana's in Pyjamas?" I roared with laughter. Miss 5 is at preprimary, and they are funny at that age. I loved knitting Banana, he is one of my favourites. The book is an old favourite too.

It didn't take long to knit old Pyjama's up either. I have always enjoyed making this guy, and I must say, I've made a fair few of them. The kids love him, in fact they just love knitted toys anyway. Today, BJ is going to be delivered to his new home. I have been busy in the patch working department as well. I have been trying to get through the bags of material that have found their way to my home. I made this 9 block square using blue tones and I'm not sure what it will be yet, but that's the fun of it, being creative.

A few squares ready to be made up. I was given blocks already sewn up, with the materials to make more, which I have done. Unwanted by a friend, but welcomed with love to me.

The picture below shows the blocks already made up, with a few of my own stitched up as well. I'm thinking this could turn into a baby quilt for someone. I'm hoping to stitch this up today if I get time.

The blocks are only pinned together at this stage, I organised the blocks into their position and as I have to move my work off the kitchen table, I didn't want to have to work out the positions all over again!! Depending on how many blocks I get to make up, this will turn into a good sized baby quilt.

As I have finished knitting Banana's, I needed to find my next knitting project. Heather had given me this interesting wool, bubbly textured and great to knit with. It is Moda Vera Cinderella and I have used a strand of 4ply white and Cinderella. I have two balls of it and am crossing my fingers it will be enough to make a capsule cover. It is knitting up nicely and I have used size 5 needles to get a good tension. It feels nice and fluffy, not too heavy either. Some little baby will love this, perhaps make them want to sleep a little longer?

I have just looked outside and what a glorious day it is going to be, by the looks of now anyway. It wasn't too long ago I was complaining about it being too hot and now I'm just loving the toasty warm sunshine. Can't win!! I'm about to go and investigate the chook house and see what mess those girls have made with the new bail of hay. They scratch around like mad. Enjoy the week ahead and happy crafting to you all.
Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

You have got me singing that Bananas in Pyjamas song now.
Happy days.

Karen said...

I must admit the Playschool bananas have always been a favourite of mine, too. Yours looks great. Have fun with all the sewing.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh! I remember the Bannanna's in Pajama's! I need to email you a pic of us meeting B1 (I think)!

Irene said...

I have got some Cinderella Moda Vera wool that I want to make into a capsule cover but I am having terrible trouble trying to knit with it. I have tried finger casting on with know luck. Can you tell me the best way to knit this wool up. thanks Irene

Anonymous said...

Oh Irene,
I was hoping someone would tell me. I have tried 5 times.I found cast on ONE stitch per strand BUT knit in 2 stitches on next row. I used size 5 needles. I still undid it because it did not look neat enough.Can anyone help???
Rita Hewitson Cowan
My email

Emily said...

I am interested to see what anyone came up with for knitting with the Cinderella Moda vera yarn. I have 4 balls I got for $1 each yesterday and I can't figure out how to make it knit up properly. The ball band says to use 7mm needles, but that makes it look like a stretched old holey thing!! I tried 3.5mm needles but I can't seem to make it work.


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