Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baby knitting

Life is what happens
to you while you're busy
making other plans.
John Lennon

Ever felt like you are chasing your tail? That's the week I've had! Busy but enjoyable none the less. Though I have been sewing and knitting I didn't really manage to finish much. I have, however, stumbled across a cute little baby pattern. A beanie and bootee set.
 This pattern is called Puffin baby hat and booties set and is suitable for a small baby. The bit I fell in love with was the tied cord on top of the hat! If you want the pattern, click here. I will say that I changed the instructions a bit. When it comes to knitting the booties, it says at the beginning of the row Sl1, turn. I did this at the end of the row instead. I loved the pattern so much that I knitted it up again in different colours and without using the fancy pattern, due to the colour wool I was using.

This weekend our high school P & C run a wood raffle over Friday and Saturday, to raise some much needed funds. I might add, we were pleased to have raised $990.00. It is great fun getting out there in the community and catching up with people while they purchased tickets. I'm usually a hermit, but enjoyed the two days out. An older gentleman stopped in to buy a ticket, had a chat and bade me farewell. Half hour later he came back with a hot quiche and gave it to me. He felt sorry I was sitting outside in the ice cold wind. (Must say, I did have icicles hanging off my nose!). I thanked him so much, waited until he left and scoffed it down with gusto!! Boy it was nice and it warmed my insides.

When it was time to draw the lucky number, I grabbed the first person I could find and asked them to draw the ticket. A lovely lady happily drew the winning ticket. Even nicer still, the winner was an elderly lady and both she and her husband were thrilled to bits. I was so happy for them. I dropped the wood off to them, and the lady gave me a present as well. Two big bags of wool!!! Like a mouse in a cheese factory!!

There is only one problem now......where am I going to hide this from my husband. If he spots the bags of wool, I just know he will be thinking 'What is she going to do with all that wool'. lol. After all our happy years of marriage, I'm sure he knows I will knit it all up. Now that I've been out all weekend, I am going to catch up on all the house work and nurse my head cold. Hope to show you some finished projects next posting. Kind regards, Anita.


BubzRugz said...

What a nice thing for you to do ... and others to do for you also.... I always say things always go around.... and niceness has come your way..... very cute knitting....I wish my head was smaller!! Hope your head cold goes soon... maybe you need a beanie too?

Val said...

It is lovely when strangers act like friends. You were very good to sit in the cold and sell tickets. Your community seems so nice. The bag of wool looks great. Love the beanies :)

Vickie said...

Miss Awesomeness yes that is you...lovely to see the come back at you with the wool..lovelry...hope your head cold leaves you soon..and hey the housework will still be there tomorrow,cheers Vickie

Maria said...

You are such a great lady. Sitting in the cold when you are not well. Isn't it great to know there are still lovely folk,not only like you, but the gentleman who bought you a warm quiche.

What cute baby knits.

WOW lota of wool. Just the best pressie for you.
Hope your cold goes soon and yuou have a grat week.


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