Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hannah's bag

The good return
for my life's work
is my family.

Besides having a busy and fantastic week, I have also concentrated my time making a knitting/sewing bag for lovely Hannah. I have a little group of girls I am teaching to knit and they are enjoying themselves so much. There is a special girl named Hannah and I thought this lovely bag would be a nice gift for her.

I had some cute girly material left over from previous projects, material that I have adored actually and kept it in hope of finding a special pattern to make out of it. The colours running across the top of the bag is from my jelly roll collection, and the bottom colours have been used on children's things that I have made. I will find some nice coloured ribbon to use as drawstrings. Oh and notice the special beaded doll, I thought I would make her to go with the bag.

As promised, I have taken a photo of the last tea cosy I knitted. This one has gone to a new home and will be loved to bits.

Today has been baking day, lots of different things on my chopping block. A vanilla cake at the back, some pumpkin scones and a sultana cake, my husbands favourite cake. I'm thinking they won't last long and I'm too scared to have a look in the kitchen and see what is left!!

Beautiful vegetable soup was made for lunch today, and see how much was scoffed down!! I've hidden the rest.

I know I usually sling off about my darling friend Heather, but I really do love her to bits and she's real special to me. Heather has given me this wonderful book of proverbs and I just go through it over and over again. Not only is it sweet with words and thoughts, but on the back I noticed it says the purchase of The Book of Giving, enables women in poverty to establish the business of their dreams. How great is that?

Two of my darlings have taken off shooting with friends for a while, Cory is playing his computer game, racing of course, and I might take this opportunity to do a little knitting. I have been knitting this week and have to just finish off a few things for the next posting I do. Pixie and I went for a lovely stroll together at the shops this morning. It's funny how suddenly your children don't want to go to the shops with parents anymore......especially teenagers. Friends have told me this will change again. So I look forward to that. In the meantime, I can have my husband to myself and torment him all on my own. lol. Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend and I'll be back again. Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

woohoo , looky there you are..yeah..oh she will love that bag..hmm must be the day for baking eh? I have a pot of pumpkin soup bubbling away a loaf of crusty bread in the bread maker & ant cake (banana) cake fro afters...cheers Vickie

Maria said...

What beautiful gifts you've made for two special people. You are so kind.
You sure have cooked up a storm, YUMMY need to go to your place for tea annd afters.
Yes they do change again and it is lovley to go shopping with your big kids.
Enjoy your time with Hubby.

Karen said...

Mmmmm...! I can smell the cakes and taste the soup. Lovely on these cold days!!
Cute bag and tea cosy, too!

Bev C said...

Is there any cake left??? Enjoy the sunshine before the rain that is coming this week.
Happy days.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the bag is so cute, but what I really love is the little bead doll! How cute is that!

Country Whispers said...

What a pretty bag! The colors and prints look lovely all together.
That vanilla cake looks and sounds super!

rosie said...

Just found you and had a lovely read... You are so kind to make that very special bag for little Hannah..All that cooking is making me hungry!


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