Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Mammy

A wise old owl
sat on an oak
the more he saw
the less he spoke
the less he spoke
the more he heard
why aren't we like
that wise old bird?
An old proverb

Today I have sat outside and enjoyed the warmth of the sun and relaxed with my stitching. I have finished my gorgeous Mammy doll and she's turned out wonderful.
 This sweet design came from an old edition of Homespun no.9
(Vol 3.1), and one doll I have always had intentions of making.
Mammy ends up being about 26 inches in height and very easy to make. I love the collar and pocket, which just has a touch of stitching around the edges to give it a warm feeling.

I have used leftover black wool for her hair and used colonial knots. I found some rather nice material for her dress and very pleased with how good she looks.

 I am not the only creative person in my household I must say. Each of us has a special talent. It seems that both of the boys have an artistic flair in the way of designing posters and different styles of writing. Brandon and Cory are both very gifted in this field and some of the things they design is incredible. My husbands talent is he is a good boy and does nothing wrong!! giggle giggle. Cory has a favourite hat and has started a hat trend at his school. He asked me to make a hat in the same style of his very favourite one......but in fluro green. I have to own up and say I did make the hat below, but I did feel like pulling my teeth out whilst making it. You see it had to be perfect.....'no it's too tight ; it has a bulge here ; the front flap is too big!!' Patience is a virtue and I didn't bite anyone while all the complaints were going on, and eventually the hat was made.

On to some more interesting things now.....during the week I made two more tea cosies and forgot to take photo's of them, 2 short scarves to sell and another few baby items.

Yesterday I went to an embroidery display at the arts society and was impressed with so many pieces of work made by a local craft group. Some of the works were made by women in their eighties and if you could have seen how intricate the work was, it would blow your socks off. I take my hat off to them, the work was so well done, I was impressed indeed. Sadly my camera was not charged up to take any photo's.

I'm off to attack my washing again now, it seems the washing never ends. Being such a sunny day it will not take long to dry. All the best for the coming week. Kind regards, Anita.


Val said...

The mammy doll turned out great. I love all of her but her hair buns are so cute. Good job on the green hat!
I was very upset by your omission of tea cosy pictures.

Karen said...

She is a gorgeous mammy doll - I do agree. She looks great in red. Love her hair, too.
It is amazing what we will make for our kids. I don't mind, as long as they appreciate the work you have done. Good fun.
Sounds like the embroidery display was really good, too!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Soon you will have a whole family of Mammy dolls.
Happy Monday.


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