Thursday, April 21, 2011

With love at Easter

The greatest thing in this world is not so much
where we are, but in what direction we are moving.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes.

I managed to make some cute little beaded rabbits for my workmates and on the last day of school I roamed around the office giving out the gifts. I so much loved the beaded dolls I had just made, and that's where the idea came from to make beaded rabbits. They were well received by my workmates and of course having chocolate wrapped in with the rabbit is always going to be popular where I work!!!

 Funnily enough, I had just about come to the end of my bead collection, when suddenly a workmate of mine came in one morning recently and gave me a big bag full of beads. The bodies of the rabbits are just different pieces of scrap material. The ears and cheeks are made from felt. With a fabric pen I just made two dots for the eyes, a cute smile and a dot for the nose, nice and simple.
 With the holidays now beginning, I intend to do lots of things that I haven't had time to do, such as my garden. This summer was long and hot, so my garden took a beating, with several plants not surviving. Now that the weather has cooled down, I have started to plant native bushes in the front yard. A small row of cottage bricks have seen their way into the new garden. A gave one of my neighbours a big shock this morning. They were driving along the road towards my house and suddenly they saw this body coming from under the bridge, pushing a big wheel barrow!! When they realized it was me, they laughed.

Also I have made a start on the Mother's Day gifts for school. I have made some of these before and thought they would go down well as gifts for Mum.

 This pattern is from a Homemade magazine of Heather's and it is actually a child's bag. I love the pattern so much I thought it would be nice to make it as a purse with lollies and sweets. You could put whatever you liked in them. I'm thinking I might make the hair across the top of the head out of felt. Still thinking about that. The face will also have red cheeks stitched on it give the girl's a cheeky look to them.

I couldn't resist knitting this gorgeous helmet from one of the books I scored from the library!! This helmet was knitted in 3 ply and I wish you could see the true colours....just lovely. I keep saying I have just about finished with the baby knitting for now, but I may have changed my mind.

Tomorrow is cousin's day in the country and I'm looking forward to catching up with some favourite boys of mine. Pixie and Cory have kept us updated with the gokart details and all is going well. It seems weird that they won't be here for Easter but they will return soon. Heather has also flown the coup and is visiting one of her daughter's. I miss not having Heather to tease....oops...I mean I miss her company!! lol.

I can hear the garden calling out to me again, so I will make haste. I take this opportunity to wish everyone who celebrates the Easter spirit, I wonderful Easter. A time to remember the true meaning of the Easter story. Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Hi Anita. I am amazed at how much sewing you are able to do as well as working! The little bunnies are so delightful. Just perfect for Easter. The little bags look like a great idea, too.
Enjoy your time in the garden!

Vickie said...

hey woman do you ever stop..Go Go gadjet woman...aww now If I was closer we could of sewed up a storm over easter eh?
Be careful in the garden and enjoy,cheers Vickie


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