Monday, April 25, 2011


Anything done for another
is done for oneself.
-Boniface VIII.

As I had lots of time to myself these last few days, I have managed to get my fair share of sewing done. I happened to do some blog surfing and came across a rather sweet plastic card wallet. I simply had to make one and the instructions were very easy to follow.

A great way to use up bits of material left over, which I have stacks of and can't bear to throw away. The photo below is what greets you when you open your wallet.

I found the pattern to make this wallet at Lisa's blog. Scroll down to Scrappy Loyalty Wallet and there you will find this wonderful pattern. I emailed Lisa and told her I had made one and to thank her for the great pattern. I can see a few more of these being made. I also like the idea of making strips of materials for the cover of this wallet.

My girls have also been finished and are now waiting to be filled with lots of yummy lollies and sweets.

I thought I might use felt for the hair this time instead of wool. It was easier and quicker this way, and still has a nice look to it. The cheeks were painted on and the insides of these girls have different coloured linings.

Our local nursery had a 50% sale off everything, so I made my way down there.......twice!!!! As this summer was so long and hot, my garden took a beating, even losing some very established plants. My front yard has always been a cottage garden, but I'm thinking I really need to think about native plants. Perhaps I can just fill my verandah pots with the cottage plants instead. They will have a bit of protection from the harsh Australian heat.

This is what I've done in the front yard so far. I have added an extra row of bushes and then a row of cottage bricks to line the area. What is left of the lawn (which is hardly any) will be pulled out and a brick path added.

Along the picket fence there used to be bushes and now it is empty. The plants I have added will grow rather large and hopefully it will fill in the gaps. A row of pots now line both sides of the entrance to our home, and another row of old bricks to go with it.

The succulent under the bush has just exploded!! I planted a small piece of it last year and out of everything in the front yard, that's the only thing looking real good.

I have to say that I am well known as a hermit around my parts and these few days at home without two of my darlings has been spent happily doing the things I want to do. Brandon and I shared time together and I made all the special foods he loves. Last night I was over the moon to greet Pixie and Cory who had returned home from their go kart trip. Cory gained lots of experience at this meeting, as their were go karters from all around Australia.

My husband can always be counted on to have chunks of meat missing from different parts of his body, and this trip was no exception. He is prancing around with two big scabs on the top of his head.....phhffmm! oops....didn't mean to laugh.

While we were sharing their adventure stories last night, I did have my stitchery on the go.

 I haven't finished stitching yet, but if you like this design it is a freebie. Just click here for the pattern. Today in Australia and New Zealand we are celebrating ANZAC Day. A day in which we remember all the fallen soldiers and thank them for our freedom.

Lest We Forget

See you for now.
Kind regards, Anita.


Maria said...

PHEW!! I get tired just reading your post each time. Boy you have been so busy.
Pleased your DH is not too badly hurt.
Have a wonderful week.

Val said...

You have been busy. All the things you have made are lovely. I like the sweety girls. Your garden looks great.

teresa said...

Wow you have been busy! Lots of lovely things too. Love those little sweety girls. Wish my garden looked like yours!!! Take care and I hope you had a wonderful Easter Anita xx

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Lots of stitching and gardening, now we just need some real rain to help everthing along.
Happy days.


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