Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day is coming!

Flowers are loves
truest language.
-Park Benjamin.

I have just noticed how close it really is getting until it's
Mother's Day. I have been talking about it, making gifts
for the Mother's Day stall at school, but it has just hit me!
How silly am I? Giggle, giggle. Today I have been making
these cute little gifts and made some of them for last year.
It is a quick and easy gift idea and especially great for fetes
and stalls.

All you need is: plastic spoons, sweets such as chocolate drops, jubes (I have used chocolate eclairs), tulle?, flowers and ribbon. Each spoon I have made has just one eclair in it, cut  circle shapes out of the tulle (I used a 6 inch plate as a template). Wrap the spoon with the tulle and use the flower stems to twist around the spoon and this holds up the tulle.
Then cut ribbon to the length desired and wrap that over the stems of the flowers and tizzy up the ends of ribbon. These all sold at last year's stall. I found this pattern on a blog site somewhere but sorry I can't remember which one. I don't lay claim to this project but I do enjoy making them.

 I have been busy making plastic card wallets as well, and have a big bowl of sweets ready to fill my calico dollies. Only trouble is I bought the wrong wrapping paper today, I thought I picked up clear cello, but nope.

We had a guest over for afternoon tea, so I made some yummy apple and cinnamon muffins. Nice big chucks of apple in them and they were very much a success.

Last night I finished knitting the last of three tea cosies while watching Kate and William get married. I'm not a big follower of the Royal family but do like to hear how they are going. The wedding was just fantastic and the couple are so cute. I waited patiently to see the kiss (I feel like bit of a stalker now), but it did make my toes curl and I felt so happy for them. I loved it when William took Kate for a spin in the car!!

I need to scrounge through my wool now, I want to knit myself a short sleeved cardigan. As the weather is cooling down, I know that I am in short supply of the autumn weather clothing. Better get cracking now. Beside all the fun of crafting, sewing and knitting, I have been at my housework as well. I am feeling a bit smart about myself right now. Enjoy this fantastic weekend and catch you all soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Maria said...

You are a very good lady making all these gifts for the stall.
Oh I am coming over for afternoon tea. the muffins look divine.
Like you I am not a Royalist but I did really enjoy the Wedding.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Muffins look lovely. Yes MD is not far away.
Happy days.

BubzRugz said...

Lots and lots of business... aren't those lovely stall goodies.... and thanks, I'll have a scrumptious muffin with my tea thanks...

Karen said...

Gosh! You look like you haven't stopped still for one minute! Love all the goodies you are making for the Mother's Day stall. Looks like you just about stock it on your own.
Enjoyed the cute stitchery you had in a previous post, too. And the beaded rabbits for Easter were gorgeous!
Loved reading about your bird being upside down in the rain - what a character!
Great to catch up on all your news.


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