Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cherish your children

Cherish your children,
they are yours for only a
short time.

I have had an interesting day today. Met up with a friend
for morning tea, Cory had our other Corey over for a sleep
over, and talked to several people sharing different conversations. I hold my children dear to me and nothing will change that. Patience is a virtue.

I still have another six days holiday to go and I plan to use the
time wisely. I started a small stitchery and am very pleased with it. I was scooting around the net and found this cute pattern to stitch.

I decided that the jelly roll heather had given to me for my birthday would match in really well with the colours of the stitchery. I stitched them all together and I'm happy with the result.

I thought you would like a close up of the colours. I just love jelly rolls, they ensure the correct sizes and I don't have to worry about cutting the right measurements.
 I've been on a roll with sewing lately, below is another plastic card wallet. Great for using those bits of material left over from other projects. This one is done using blue tones.

I have a lovely tea cosy on the go. I am knitting it using 8ply wool and two colours. I forgot to take photo's to show you, but perhaps by the time I do a new post it will be finished and ready to showoff,  oops! I mean show you (sorry Heather).

Yesterday we had a spot of rain which was so welcomed by all, including Fred, my bird. When it rains, he hangs upside down on his perch and starts flapping his wings. I think he might have been a bat in his last life. I wanted to get a closer shot of him for you all, but if I get too close to him while he's upside down, he spins back the right way up and stares at me!!!

I'm off to check my chooks and see if they have finished their Easter break yet. Yes, that's right, not many eggs the last week or so. I might have to chop some wood right near their cage. I'll catch you all in a few days and remember how special your children are. With warm regards, Anita.


Val said...

Your fabrics look absolutely lovely with the stitchery. Jelly rolls are great. Your bird is a bit of a character and I can't wait to see your tea cosy.

BubzRugz said...

Oh how I laughed at the way you shake your chooks up... your stitchery is lovely and the jelly roll colours are such fun,,,

Maria said...

Your stitchery does look lovely using the jelly roll.
How funny is Fred.

Have a great week with your kids.

Vickie said...

gorgeous stitchery Misssy...the fabrics match so well..jealous much I could not join you both for morning tea...Fred is a careful chopping that wood girl...cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Stitchery and jelly roll goes together beautifully. Fred is a funny fellow.
Happy days.


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