Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enjoying my holidays

Doing good is the only certainly 
 happy action of a man's life.
-Sir Philip Sidney

Since I'm on holidays, I have the chance
to slide in a quick post and share with
you some of my finished projects.

Today I decided to use up some scraps of
material that have been given to me. I thought a
nice placemat was long overdue.
The strips are about 11/2 inch wide x 6 inch long, happened
to find some nice green to bind the edges with..
how lucky was that!
I rather like all the colours here.

I found some leftover Powder puff wool as well and decided
that I could get a beanie out of the leftovers...I managed to
squeeze 2 out, but have given one away already.
This has got to be one of the softest brands
of wool on the market. It is a baby wool and
certainly is soft to the touch.

I am really enjoying my holidays and they come to an end
soon, so on Monday it's back to work.
Which is great as well!
I have finished lots of things that I was
hoping to get done, some sewing,
cleaning. It was fantastic to see Di and the boys
again up in Geraldton, had a great time with the
boys as well. Pixie also had time off over the
break, so having him home was fun. Sharing a cup
of tea and coffee in the afternoon with hubby
is just priceless. Had someone to pick on as
He loves it.
I'm off now to trace some angel patterns. Catch you next
time. Kind regards, Anita.


aussiequilter said...

your placemat is lovely! I have the same cup and saucer-actually I collect blue and white china.happy end to your holidays. cheers Teri

Micki said...

Have a wonderful time on your holidays. You sound like you are having a blast!


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