Sunday, May 7, 2017

Being happy doesnt mean youre perfect. It just means youve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Hello dear friends! I have had an interesting week of experiences, some I would rather not experience again in a hurry and many more that I was glad to have. I suppose these things all come to build our character as we travel this journey we are on. 

One of the wonderful experiences I had this week was to learn that a friend of my eldest son is to become a father. It stirred up the emotions inside myself that one day I may become a Grandmother…a title I relish the thought of. I can and can’t wait for that!!! I can wait because I would love my boys to experience life a little before settling down, but I can’t wait because I remember all the wonderful things about when my own sons were growing up. Congratulations Daniel…you will be a terrific father!!

Heather the feather and I went to the markets yesterday and we sold so many of our beautiful creations!!! Very happy. We did get a surprise to see a new stall diagonally across from us selling crocheted and knitted baby clothes. My territorial button was pressed on and the radars on my head stood to attention  when I spotted them. lol I think Heather and I must've looked like a pair of meerkats right about then. The ladies came over to investigate us and we wished each other good luck. (no.....I didn't have my witches wand tucked in my pocket!!) At the end of the day our luck had outweighted theirs. The world is good again.

This week I have had fun crocheting an adult beanie, that has come out pretty cute if I do say so. I am glad that I have given crocheting a go because I'm really enjoying myself with it. The good thing about having a stall is that you can try these new crafts and while you're learning, if they come out too big you can sell them as an adult sized beanie.
Last time I posted I had taken a photo of one of my native bushes in my front yard and it drew alot of interest from some of my beautiful blogger friends out there. Laura...I'm sorry, I don't actually know what the bush is called but I will find out for you. Here is another photo of it with more beautiful blossoms. One of my Aussie blogger friends might be able to help me here. lol I did check the plant to see if it still had its name tag on it but it doesn't. The birds love it.
Nature is a beautiful thing and talking about that......during the week there was a big controlled burn off that got out of control and by 2.45 in the afternoon the sky had become filled with so much smoke and it became overcast and cloudy. An incredible thing happened..... the sun turned red and it changed to a pink.  How amazing!! 
How could it look so dark at this time of day?
Does this impress Milo? lol Making sure his rope doesn't move is more important.🌞🌞🌞🌞
We decided to go for a drive at 5pm and the glorious colours dancing in the sky was awesome. The sun looked liked a perfect poached egg popping out of the clouds and the hillside that adorned one lonesome tree, had the wind whispering by. These photos were taken by my son Cory who is incredible with a camera.

I realise that this week I had a connection with the shades of pink. Everything I made seemed to have pink in it, so it seems fitting that so does the photo of the sun and the flowers. I found an interesting tectured yarn that I made two little girls cowls out of. The yarn feels like chenille, and it was very soft though I'm not sure I will work with it again because it is bulky to crochet with. I'm pretty partial to the finer ply of yarns.
 Pretty things
I can't  show you this creation but I can give you a sneak peak. It is something I'm working on as a surprise and once again....we have pink. lol
I'm off to check out my garden and give it a water. I love wandering around the garden, it gives me a sense of peace and then all the thoughts of my friends fill my mind. I surround myself with lovely people and I appreciate them all. I hope you have the same surroundings in that way as I do. It is easier to think of the ones who make your life a blessing than those that don't. It's easy to think of your friends all the time.

A good Sunday to you all.    💕💕💕💕💕
Ciao,  Anita


Jane Galley said...

What an amazing sky! Can't wait to see the secret project in full, looks great so far

Maria said...

Sounds like you had a mostly great week. Pleased you do better than the other stall. Sorry I didn't have my witches wand tucked away...
WOW those photos of the sun are amazing.
Love all your pink projects and I think your secret is a DOLL.......😁

Your flowers are a PINCUSHION HEAKEA... google it anita.....

Fiona said...

wow at the sun... glad you caught some pictures.... I Love how the sky changes in different ways....

Karen S said...

Sounds like you have had a very mixed week.
Yes, grandchildren are fun but let your own kids grow up first. It works much better that way.
The photos of the sun in the smoke haze are quite stunning.
How interesting to have competition at the market. But never mind, your reputation will hold you in good stead. People know how lovely your work is.
Hope this week is totally enjoyable!

Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Qué bonito Anita.
Te mando un abrazo inmenso desde Teenrife

harada57 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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