Sunday, April 23, 2017

I opened two beautiful gifts this morning.
They were my eyes.
A good morning to you all! My stash of 'material bits and pieces' got to me this week, so I turned them into things. I took my iron, a thick old towel, a cup of tea, my sense of humour and I camped out in my sewing shed for a sew-a-thon. All these lovely country toned squares had been sitting there for long enough and in desperate need of a pot holder....a creation was made. 
My most favourite colour of all is red and after scratching around the container full of treasure, I found heaps of reds and made a small table runner.
The fun thing as I looked at each of the fabrics was remembering what else I had made from them. I think that's something we all seem to do. Some pieces have more special moments than others. lol
 Another cute item made for my stall is this child's cushion and toy bag holder. The cushion is approximately 35cm x 35cm and made in bright colours.

My talents didn't stop at sewing this week, for the night time creations it was wild knitting. This gorgeous knitted baby cardigan is for a 1 year old and this is my second go at it. I tried a new pattern for raglan sleeves and while I was knitting it I thought to myself it was way too big for that age. I kept going anyway and yes, it was too big. lol It's all good though, I have a cardigan to sell.
I'm in love with this cowl, that I've still got on the needles. Another creation using several textured yarns. 
A beautiful gift given to me from Elisa.
And inside......the loveliest scents.
A quiet walk through my garden...

Today is my last day of holidays, tomorrow is return to work. I know tomorrow morning I will be a big cry baby, but I also know once I see all the motley cute I work with....I will be fine.
A good Sunday to you all. 
Ciao, Anita.


Julie said...

You have been busy Anita :-) I LoVe the country colours in your pot holder - just gorgeous. Also totally love the pale shade of the cardigan you have knitted, very unusual. Lovely gifts received from the girls. Hope you have a great week, even if it does involve work !!!

Anita said...

Dont worry BABE,I will be thinking of you while i having the extra long weekend

Jane Galley said...

love the little cardigan, someone will enjoy wearing it. Hope going back to work won't be too painful

Maria said...

Fabulous new header... You have been busy sewing up a storm , yes I also like to remember what I used all the fabrics for when making a scrappy quilt....
Cute cardigan and lovely cowl..
Thanks for the walk through the garden.. that pom-pom Heakea is one of my favourite natives...
Ah you know you'll love being at work stirring all the big and little people....

JoJo said...

Great projects and great way to use up the pretty fabric scraps!

Verbena C. said...

Mi piace molto il tuo "runner", sei bravissima.
Buon lavoro e buona settimana. Ciao ♥

Karen S said...

Hi Anita. I am slow catching up this week. It is great to see you making the most of your scraps and being creative. Sometimes I think that helps us make more interesting projects.
Hope the return to work wasn't too hard but it is usually tiring in the first week.

tesselleelle said...

Ciao Anita cara, quante belle cose hai fatto!!! mi piace tutto, i patchwork, le presine, il golfino รจ graziosissimo e vorrei farlo uguale ad Emma....insomma tutto incantevole, anche a me piace molto il colore rosso!
Scusa Anita, come si chiama quel fiore meraviglioso che hai messo alla fine del post?
Buona ripresa di lavoro.
Un abbraccio grande,

harada57 said...

the return to work wasn't too hard but it is usually tiring in the first week.



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