Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marriage lets you annoy one special 
person for the rest of your life.
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Good morning friends, I have been a ratbag this week and have been in a teasing and menacing mood. As the little phrase above indicates...I have tormented my hubby endlessly....I'm pretty sure he likes it. lol. Everyone I came across copped some sort of mischief and tricks, especially my gym mates. I loaded up weights so the next person had uneven weights. It was fun. I'm naughty. 

 I will try to be different this week. One of our instructors will be returning on Monday morning after recovering from a surgery. Welcome back Hetty! We've all missed you and I think of you everyday, hoping you have had a good recovery.

My week of making things has been awesome too. I'll take you for a walk through......

 I had been wanting to make a plastic bag holder for the Ag. Society and I managed to get some spare time to sew one up. There was a little leftover fabric that caught my eye and it is nice and colourful in tones of pink and mauve.
I made it nice and long and here it is hanging in the tree, though it is not the best photo I have taken!! lol 

One cute teacosy made for a lady who was desperate to keep her teapot warm. Knitted in 8 ply chocolate and cream colours. The pattern was found on Ravelry. 

Now just to prove that I can and do sew buttons on garments (Even though I buck and snort while doing it!). The 12 little cardigans made for Mel. I am very pleased with how they turned out.
 I made the boy cardigans without the lace pattern and picot edge and they look cute

Our town hosts the Avon Descent every year and this weekend people came from all over the world to enter. On Friday night of the Avon Descent there are always fireworks. We didn't have to go any further than the front verandah to enjoy them. 
I thought I would show you how the rock path is going. I will be naming this path "Dusty Road", after young Dusty who is finding these perfect rocks. Kids are so sweet

Yesterday was market day for Heather and I, the rain held off for us in the morning and then poured down about an hour after we got home. How lucky were we? I purchased some plants from Anne and Harry and will be planting them today. Thanks for the plants guys!!! U 2 R awesome!! Love ya heaps.
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While I was at the markets my dear husband got all the clothes washing done. Thanks for doing that Pix, it's such a big help....I'm still glad I turned your hair grey!!!! lol

Well friends, I wish you all a super fabulous week ahead. May your week be filled with happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita.

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Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I just bought a new teapot and NEED to make a teacosy... trying to decide if I will attempt to knit or crochet one.. or keep it safe and sew one!! Any suggestions on an EASY one to knit?? xx

Angélica D said...

Hi Anita !! Que lindos trabajos , esa bolsa y esos tejidos son una belleza ., espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

JoJo said...

Another great week at your house!

Maria said...

I did miss you last week you cheeky thing....
Oh I must make myself a new placcie bag thingy, your s looks great.
Love that pile of cardies.. Well done..
Hope you are getting a pile done for your Ag show..
Nice fireworks...

Julie said...

Hi Anita, a great post full of your usual mischief. Your 12 cardies ... my gosh, they are beautiful. I'll bet you were relieved when that order was all done. Your new creations are stunning as always. Glad you had a good market day. Missed seeing any pics of Milo up to his usual mischief this week.

Jane Galley said...

sounds like a mischievous week! Well done on getting your 12 cardigans finished, they will be well used

Tutti guardano le nuvole said...

Davvero bravissima Anita, tutti bellissimi i tuoi lavori! Splendidi i tuoi piccoli cardigan... sono una vera meraviglia!!
Un bacio grande.


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