Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prayers to Italy
Hello to you all. I was sad to learn of the devastating earthquake that hit Italy on the 24th August. Many lives lost, many injured and a tremendous amount of damage to homes and buildings.
 To my Italian blogger friends I send my love, thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of you all everyday.

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I have knitted this cute little baby cardigan for a friend and all I need to do is sew the buttons on, add the cord to the booties that go with it, and I'm finished. The colour is a new craze that all the mum's seem to be after these days and I'm loving it myself now. 

 How do you like the sweet pattern? It is simply yarn forward, knit two together. Amazing how such a simple combination of stitches can make a pretty pattern. .
 Here too on the booties is this great stitch. 
 Now....I'm going to be all sneaky about the next few projects.....
all I can do is give you some sneak peaks. I'm a bit partial to lace patterns when knitting but I will have a go at any pattern. 

  Can't tell you what this is either. lol. 
 I took a little stroll around the front garden today. I'm just itching for the warmer weather (not the boiling hot weather!!!) so I can continue to clean and weed the garden. I do have to say, after all those snakes coming in to our garden last year, I am nervous about having too much of the branches touching the ground and not being able to see beyond them. Much has been cut back so there is a good clear view of what is on the ground. 
 This big plant is a favourite of mine, though its name has escaped me right now. 

 This white wooden arch is going to look lovely with a climbing plant growing over it. The only trouble is I have lost two climbers now and I'm thinking I need to change the pot that I'm planting them in. Maybe drainage is the problem for the plants. I will try again anyway. I will be visiting Anne and Harry at the markets next weekend to see what they have for me in the way of plants.

Well my friends, tonight I will continue to do my knitting by the fire place. My big old stallion (husband) is at go karts with my youngest son Cory, Brandon and I are just chilling at home and outside the weather is cold and lousy.
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It looks like tonight I will have an early night. You see, last night I attended an Ag. Society meeting and didn't get home until 1am!!! I had such a super night with those ratbags, with the never ending teasing and laughter, it's hard to rip yourself away from them. Oh and need to sit on your chair properly!! lol 
Mirror, mirror on the've turned into your father after all!! Just love my nights with you guys, you're awesome.
Ciao, Anita.


Angélica D said...

Hola amiga querida ,, también comparto con usted las condolencias a todo el pueblo italiano par las tr avivas muertes debido al terremoto .
Y que bien que este sacando maleza de su jardín ,, es un trabajo arduo pero rinde frutos ,,, me gusta mucho sus trabajos para ese bebe , son muy dulces ,, usted es una verdadera tejedora ,,espero que tengas un bendecido domingo

JoJo said...

How cold is it? I would kill for some cooler weather. Although I'm in no hurry for snow either. The earthquake in Italy is so sad. It doesn't seem to be getting as much attention in the news as other things going on in the world of less importance.

Kim said...

It is terribly sad about the devastation of that lovely town in Italy. So many lives lost and the destruction of century old buildings. Your cardigan, Anita is pretty. Love the wool you are using in the new woolly project. The little pattern is lovely. LoVe your new arch; t is a beauty. What a lovely welcome to your lovely home. I would imagine the weather over there at the moment is perfect for a little gardening. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend....perhaps a little button sewing...I know how you love sewing buttons onto your woolly pretties!!

Fiona said...

very sad for Italy....... you have done more wonderful knitting and the garden is looking great

Jane Galley said...

it is all sad, devasting for the families and villages involved. You have lots of lovely knitting going on, that is a very simple, but effective pattern on the cardi

Verbena C. said...


Mereknits said...

I just read a story today about a nine year old girl hugging her sister and saved her life although she lost her own in that horrible earthquake. Such a horrible thing to happen.
Hugs to you Anita,

webbsway said...

I had not even heard about the earthquake in Italy - how horrible! I am so very sorry.

I Love your new projects ! They are so perfect!
Sounds like you will be looking ahead to a garden and I will be looking ahead to putting most of mine to sleep. I plan to plant some winter kale over her in US. But I am working in the little tomatoes.

I pray your Snake issue is resolved!

Roberta said...

Grazie 💖

Karen S said...

The news from Italy has been very sad. Such a hard time for these people.
Good to see you busy with your knitting. the little cardigan is very sweet.
Your garden is growing well and it would be lovely to have some warmer weather to get outside.

Maria said...

So tragic to hear of the earthquake in Italy....

You've had some cute finishes and your gardens looking great?

Cuore Antico said...

Dear Anita, thanks for your thoughts ... it's a very big disaster :(.
Your work is very beautiful and your garden so wonderful ^_^.

Julie said...

Hi Anita, somehow I missed this post. Yes it is so sad & tragic about Italy I agree. Your knitting is - as always - wonderful ... I do love that lacey stitch. Your garden is looking great - there is definately spring in the air here this week. Take care Anita.

Os olhares da Gracinha! said...

Obrigada pela visits Anita!
Olhares bem variados e belos!
Esses pontos de tricot são lindos!
Adorei o casaquinho!!!

Os olhares da Gracinha! said...

Obrigada pela visits Anita!
Olhares bem variados e belos!
Esses pontos de tricot são lindos!
Adorei o casaquinho!!!

l'alternativa said...

Meravigliosi i tuoi lavori e splendido il tuo giardino. Ho visto che conosci quello che è avvenuto in Italia, io abito a Perugia, qui non è successo niente di grave per fortuna, anche se ci siamo svegliati pure questa notte con una forte scossa. Ricordo ancora con terrore il terremoto del 1997, quando ad Assisi ci fu un disastro, Perugia è molto vicina ad Assisi e il ricordo di quei giorni è terribile. Buon fine settimana


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