Sunday, July 24, 2016

A beautiful world = un bel mondo

Once you learn how to be happy, you won't tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.
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Good morning my lovelies. We are all very happy for Fedor Konyukhov as he completed his record breaking journey to circumnavigate the world in his hot air balloon. He shaved a couple of days off the existing record. How happy he must be and congratulations!! He didn't land in Northam but landed in a little place called Bonnie Rock.

Don't think your eye sight is doing tricks on really are seeing 3 of the same cardigan. lol I have a knitting order for 12 baby cardigans and they are to be made in 3 different colours, 4 of each. 

 The pattern is cute and the colours are groovy, cream, peach and light grey. 
I don't know if any of you knitter's out there have ever used Paton's Big Baby yarn, but it is a good quality yarn. The stitches on my needles are for a light grey cardigan I am on to next. This is cardigan number 7. Not many to go now!!
 Picot edging is always sweet and very relaxing to do.
 More yarn purchased....this is Heather's fault, she bought it for me. lol
A little break from knitting and a trip to the local library to check out some fun books.
 What is he up to?
 More beautiful winter blooms. Ah...the world is a beautiful place.
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How precious are our pets! The face of an angel, so dear......
 "Mum...this is not a sock, I have not chewed it up and I don't know who put it here or how it got here" .
A wonderful find at the Op shop. It's not often you can find these little coat hangers so I was stoked to find them.
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I'm off to make a lovely cup of coffee and think some lovely thoughts of my friends, I will think of the lucky guy who will have 'pasta night' tomorrow night with his beautiful Mama and family, I will wonder how Ermo and his sweetheart are going traveling around Australia, I will also wonder where the rotten fairy Godmother has gone to that is supposed to do my house work!

To you all, have a wonderful day, be happy with the good things in life and enjoy doing wonderful things like your craft work or hobby of choice. Thanks for date night Pix.
Ciao, Anita.


Jane Galley said...

must be something about socks, I found one out in the garden this week, it's now on the compost heap, lol. What pretty cardigans and a lovely order to receive. Have a good week

Maria said...

You go girl with your pretty cardigan knitting.....
Hmm! Milo where did you find that sock???
I see mum got a book to knit up lots more socks....

Verbena C. said...

Gorgeous yours cardigan for baby. Your joy is contagious.

JoJo said...

It looks like Milo's sticking his tongue out in the pic with the sock. lol

Karen S said...

Love how those cardigans are looking. They are so pretty! Gorgeous colours, too. Hope you and Milo had a great day.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Lol, Milo just cracks me up! He is so cute and looks so innocent :) And those hangers - I remember I used to have some of them as a child!! xx

Sandra :) said...

The Cleaning Fairy Godmother certainly hasn't been at MY house working - I'm not sure where she's hiding! CFG - come here - there are floors to be scrubbed and laundry to be hung outside, lol! Very sweet sweaters - you're in the home stretch now that you've passed the halfway point :D Milo is sticking his tongue out in his third picture, lol - what a sneaky cutie!

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita !! Que cosa más tierna ese lindo conjunto a crochet .. Un gran trabajo amiga querida


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