Sunday, August 14, 2016

Namiste Karen

Sometimes I pretend to be normal....
but it gets boring, so I go back to
being me.

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Namiste Karen xx
On Thursday night I attended my last Body Balance night at the gym. Unfortunately the class will no longer be running and after years of going, it was a bit sad to see it come to an end. I take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Karen, our darling instructor (the shortest in the photo). Karen is a little power house of a woman who never minded as she stretched our bodies passed points we thought we possibly could. 

You are a beautiful soul Karen and I will remember that 'breath is our constant companion'. 
 This week I was commissioned to make doll clothes for a little girl and it kept me well and truly busy. I do not have the doll to show you but she is a Cabbage patch kid and is smaller than the usual sized Cabbage patch dolls that were around in our era. They are about a head shorter than the normal sized dolls. Here I have made a little dress with a ribbon tie and butterfly button. 

                                   On the back the bow tie. 
 Little purple pants..... I've just realized that the ribbon on the pants also has a butterfly pattern on it. 
 A pretty skirt.... 
 A cute summer dress with ribbon ties on the shoulders. 

 Oh yes...there is the knitting happening too. This is not knitting for the doll but for a baby boy. I will show you this project when I have finished it. 
 Out in the garden, tucked away in the 'hot house' I am happily watching my tomatoes growing. Pretty awesome that they're growing in the winter.
I am going to leave you here as shortly I will be going for a drive with hubby to our nearest Bunnings store ( almost an hour away). I am hoping to find a lovely garden arch for the back yard. A chilly morning it is, but I'm thinking it's a nice day for a drive....probably unfortunate for my hubby...he will be stuck in the car with me all that time. lol What tricks will I play on him today? I have almost a whole hour in  the car to torture him. lol.

Have a beautiful day my friends. Shift any problems aside and make today all about you.
Ciao, Anita.


Karen S said...

Good luck with your Bunnings shopping.
I laughed when I saw all the doll clothes because i have been doing lots of that too whilst our grandchildren have been here. Love your creations.
I am very impressed to see your tomatoes growing.

Maria said...

Always sad when a friend goes and especially a gym instructor......

You will make a little girl very happy with the cute Cabbage Patch clothes....

Nice to others growing there...hope you bought your new you not tease hubby too much or he may leave you in Bunnings...LOL

Jane Galley said...

what an adorable little dress!

Kim said...

So.....did you get to your destination to get your arch...or did hubby take a deto. =) Those tomatoes look great. I am afraid I can't even think of planting tomatoes just yet. Love those cabbage patch doll outfits. They are adorable. Have a great week, Anita.

Francesca said...

ciao anita, quanti bei vestitini da bambola che hai creato, sono così piccoli che credo sia piu' complicato che farne per i grandi
un caro saluto

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

oh pretty clothes, well done! Enjoy Bunnings... I need to get in there soon to buy some herbs. Well done with your tomato plant! A greenhouse is on my list of "wants" or should it be "needs"??? :) xx

JoJo said...

I love that gorgeous colourful fabric! The clothes are cute! Everyone here is harvesting their tomatoes now. Russell wanted to get a plant but we weren't able to until it was too late to bother.

Julie said...

Hi Anita, I love your verse at the beginning ... very true !!! Your dolls clothes are just gorgeous .. I love the way you have embellished them with ribbons & bows. Some lucky little girl to get to play with them. Have a great week Anita :-)

Angélica D said...

Hi dear Anita ,, i love that georgeus little dress,, me encanto el género es una combinación realmente adorable ,, espero que tengas un bendecido fin de semana

tesselleelle said...

Tutto bellissimo! quante belle cose che hai realizzato Anita. Bella la foto e bellissimi anche i post precedenti a questo. Ciao carissima.
Un abbraccio,


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