Sunday, May 3, 2015

The winter feel.

Those who plan good find Loyalty and faithfulness.
-Proverbs 14:22
Well hello to you all! I have been chasing my tail a bit these last couple of weeks, where did the time go? lol The change in weather seems to have made me want to snuggle up at night time and go to sleep, not want to get out of bed in the mornings because it is just too darn snuggly and knit cowls and scarves!  Take a look........

Heather the feather gave me some you beaut yarn and wow I fell in love with it mighty quickly. After drooling and patting it, I read the wonder........Made in Italy!!!

Lovely shades of colour
Mrs Farmer Chris gave me a bag of yarn a little while back and I’m still scratching through it finding lovely treasures. This yarn didn’t have a label on it but there was just enough to make a cowl.  It is fairy floss soft and a blue and red fleck of colour through it. I added another yarn with it, a 5 ply black for volume. 

This ones for me!!
A cowl with mixed colours on it’s way to the market. I had no pattern for this one, I just made it up as I went. I loved the colours and stitched this one to make a more solid finish.
                                                          Image result for clip art flowers row

Also ball of netted yarn to knit up a curly scarf. Have any of you guys made one of these scarves before? I hadn’t and there were no instructions with it. Best idea was to get on to Youtube and check it out. This is how it turned out and I love it. Have to be honest though.....I didn’t really enjoy making it, but it does look lovely!!!

Keeping in the theme of winter items......I did make these bed slippers to take to market. I have shown this style of bed slipper in previous blogs but I just love them. If you would like to knit them yourself, click here.
                                 Image result for clip art flowers row

Hey have you gals seen this edition of Homespun? Yum yum!!!

                                                                         Image result for clip art question mark
Believe it or not!!!!
Last weekend I was roughing it having a cuppa with Heather the feather. Lol....oops (was I mean about Heather?) At 3.30 in the afternoon I cast on 132 sts to start this baby blanket. I was telling Heather I would really like to get this blanket made. Of course she had all those wicked jibes to expel on me and on we went. I was so determined to get this made for a new nephew of mine that...........I finished this blanket on the Monday morning at 8.30am. The measurements are 34in x 26in.
Believe it or not!!! I am a maniac knitter.
                                                                     Image result for clip art small pretty

Made with love for my nephew Charlie xx
I also found a very nice head band pattern made using cotton. I had a ball of cream coloured cotton, so I thought I’d give it a go.
Click here for the pattern.

Well I’d best be off to start some housework and then have a great afternoon relaxing. Happy stitching, sewing, knitting, crocheting etc.
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia


JoJo said...

You? A maniac knitter? Nooooo. lol Love all your projects esp that Italian yarn. That's gorgeous. My fave colours.

Maria said...

You have knitted up a storm... Beautiful cowls, scarf, bed socks and I love Charlie's green blanket..go you maniac....LOL.

Anonymous said...

I certainly enjoy coming to your blog and reading about you projects. Your blog is cheery to look at and your knitting is wonderful. I have made one of those curlt scaprf tjings and used YouTube also. Hope you have a great week!

Karen S said...

Super busy is how I would describe it. Lots of lovelies.
The blanket for your nephew is gorgeous. What a lovely colour.
Cold nights and mornings, but have you had sunny days?
When is he next market?

Jane Galley said...

You have been busy with the knitting needles, love that blanket

Julie said...

Wow Anita !!! That blanket is beautiful - & I adore the colour. You sure have been getting through some knitting stock for your market stall. Those cowls are beautiful too - our weather here has turned nasty too so its definately cowl & scarf wearing weather :-) Have a great productive week Anita.

Gillian said...

The baby blanket is gorgeous. I love the cowls you've made - they look really warm and soft. I've made a scarf with that exact net type yarn and in the same colour too. To be honest, it's not really knitting. It's very quick though. Only takes about an hour to make a scarf.


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