Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being thankful.

It is good to
embrace a hope.
Will it rain or won’t it? We have clouds rolling in, a bit of sunshine and it’s not as cold this morning......a good sign of rain. I love those mornings when it is raining and you stay inside near the toasty roaring fire, with a cup of piping hot tea and some knitting. Sounds pretty groovy to me.

I had a roller coaster of a week, all sorts of creative, funny, crazy and scary things happening.....

Creative comes first
Now I’m going to make a confession to you and I may scare you guys to death!!!! some of you might even think I’ve been nibbling on  some magic mushies or something, but here goes........

Had heaps of fun making a selection of cool little baby sets consisting of beanies and bootees.
Love the little knot on the top of beanie?

Lone bootees and one nose. caught Milo trying to steal a bootee already!!!!

 Hmmm.....notice someone's paws in the photo?

 Crocheted flowers........
A cute little tea cosy pattern for Miss Maria.

Click here for pattern


Ever heard the song ‘Do you remember?’ by Jarryd James? It’s my favourite song right now, I love it!!! makes me want to run and run and run. I feel like I could run forever, makes me feel like I’ve got a super woman cape tucked under my clothes!!! Lol. Check out Youtube.

There you lot.....I’ve confessed. Anyone have a song that does stuff to them? Some songs do that to ya. I’d love to stumble across a song that would make me wanna do housework!!

I know Milo makes me cross when he....digs up the garden ; eats my thongs ; steals my bras ; runs off with stuff from the sewing shed ; howls at the back door ; jumps up.....etc....but we had a scare this week.

Way up high on a shelf, hidden behind big pot plants was the snail bait and Milo managed to get it. I had noticed a yellow lid on the lawn on Monday but the backyard is such a trash heap from Milo’s destruction that we clean it on Friday’s. Brandon discovered a pile of snail pellets and called out to me. What a fright we got. It was a crazy sight to see me vacuuming the back lawn to get every pellet cleaned away. We then discovered green dog poo. How fast did I run to the vets, just over the road thank god!

Just to make the story short, Milo had not ingested the pellets, the green poo was from the green packet he had completely eaten, and the vet told me considering the time frame of when Milo had probably gotten to the packet, he obviously didn’t ingest any as he would’ve been dead by now. Even if he had a nibble of the pellets that day, there would’ve been signs that he had taken some in. I thanked the man upstairs that day. I'm so thankful all is good.
Image result for clipart crazy dogs
A gorgeous plant to add to the garden to calm my nerves.

Remembering back to my lovely trip to Rome. A walk through the Forum in Italy.

I’m off now to have some breakky, a cup of tea and to check out.......Milo. May peace be with you until the next time we chat. Find all the good things in life and run with it. I plan to terrorize as many people as I can this week. Sounds cool to me.

Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia


JoJo said...

Oh Milo!!!!!!!! What a terrible fright that must've been for all of you. So glad he's ok. And there are quite a few Grateful Dead live songs that make me feel like that, esp. when I was at the concerts. Good times.

Jane Galley said...

That dog is going to be responsible for a few grey hairs! Glad he's ok

Karen S said...

It sure has been a crazy week for you. So pleased that Milo is okay. I can understand why it gave you such a scare!! No more snail bait in your house!!
The little hat and boottie sets are delightful!!
And I love that new plant.
No special song at the moment. Have a great week.

Gillian said...

It's really scary that Milo might have eaten the slug pellets. Thankfully everything was ok. Love you baby bootees and hats.

Maria said...

OMG how did I miss this post.....I would have seen that gorgeous tea cosy before I received it.As it was it was a wonderful surprise when Allison gave it to me on Wednesday.. big hug and thank you sew much.
What a great collection of cute baby hats and booties...
thank goodness Milo didnt eat the pellets.. LOL wish i had seen you vacumn the lawn.....

KERYN B said...

Oh dear Anita I see what you mean now, so lucky he didn't eat those pellets. I do hope they are they thongs you wear on your feet - I've heard the others ones can do serious damage if eaten lol...


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