Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aunty day.

Flowers are love’s
truest language.
-Park Benjamin
Friday was Aunty/Niece/Nephew catch up day and what a laugh I had. It is always a pleasure to have a sit down conversation with kids, as it’s easy in our grown up adult world to forget the basic view of life that really exists. One year old Jack is just flat out cute and very busy on his feet. Three+ year old Shae, a little girly girl and Miss Negotiator, is already full of wisdom and is happy to share that wisdom with the world. lol

A day with shae

This is Shae’s house and she made it all herself. Her Mum had told me that her coasters are always going missing because Shae includes them when she plays with her house. I found out they are used as part of the water slide at the front of this house.

Image result for clip art kids stick figures
I asked what all the pieces were and when I asked about the big rock....what was that for? Miss Shae had a look on her face that was priceless. A look of ‘Ah oh ; I’m sprung : How do I tell her ; with a smurk’......all rolled into one. Then she told me ‘That’s where the man does wee wee’. You can imagine....that was the end of me. Gotta love them.[

I decided that I could make a few little rectangles in cute colours and Mum could have her coasters back. So when I got home I hit the sewing shed.
Shae loves pink
It seems that this week pink was in on many levels. Found this scrummy shade that I had to have from Spotlight.
A little baby beanie knitted in double rib and stocking stitch.
Even my flowers are popping up in the same sort of shade .
Had fun this week making headbands. Notice one of the flowers has been crocheted from that first ball of yarn I showed you?
Oh’s pink! lol
I’ve made a start on a cardigan for myself. I have tried desperately to make at least one thing for myself this year. It is a lacy pattern I found on the net and so easy is it to make. I decided a 5ply would be just what I need instead of 8 ply right now.
You can’t see it very well but the edging is ruffled. Can’t wait to get this finished.
Thought I’d share this pic of our neighbours tree. I love the colours hanging from the tree. Beautiful.
You guys know I can’t help it.....gorgeous pic as we walked through the Vatican museum. The ceiling goes on like this for miles!! Breathtakingly beautiful.

Now that I’ve sparked myself off with that last pic I’m going to make a cup of Milo and look through my Italian holiday photo’s again.

Ciao for now, Anita.


Karen S said...

What lovely fun to spend time with your niece and nephew. I am sure Shae will love the pink coasters.
And I enjoyed the pink theme this week.
Gorgeous oolours in the tree, too. Stunning.
That is a very pretty pattern you are making for your self.
Enjoy your cuppa and your trip down memory lane.

Julie said...

Oh Anita I did laugh so much about little Shae. What a cutie. That is so kind of you to make her some"coasters" for her house. Now she can stop pinching her Mums ones. Gorgeous knits as always, that Marvel wool from Spotlight is always good value.

Fiona said...

How cute is Shae's house and rock.... what a giggle... lots of lovely things at your place... as usual.... amazing cieling painting...

Maria said...

LOL you always make me laugh Anita... How cute is your niece....
Lots of lovely pink and your jumper will be perfect for now...You will need 8ply later though...

Mereknits said...

She sounds like a darling little girl with quite an imagination.
Hugs to you,

JoJo said...

Love pink too! And that tree is gorgeous. None of my friends in Australia ever post pics of foliage so I assumed that it didn't happen down there.

Jane Galley said...

Got to love children, lol. Hope she loves her custom made mats


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