Sunday, October 26, 2014

A profound week.

We begin and end with family....
in-between we encounter poignant and memorable occasions that canvas our life journey making us who we are.
-Lynne Kooij

Hey....what’s this? Water balloons?? What’s going on?

......oh yes........last day of Year 12. Here is one of the little culprits caught in the act.
Got ya Corey!!

My two boys Cory and Corey have just finished their schooling years and were preparing for their last day. A great warm day for a water fight and spending their last few hours with friends they may not see again anytime soon.
I have to say I was not prepared for how profound the day has been for all of us. The boys realizing they would not see their mates on a daily basis, no more driving to school each day, my other Corey is now moving back home to his family, the two boys have shared a room together for so long, back to setting up 4 plates at tea time instead of 5. It’s all a bit sad for me in many ways, but I know as one door closes another one opens.
                Good luck my boys.
My week in the craft world was pretty fun. Do you love my pencil dolls?

Found the pattern here. You will have to scroll down a bit, but they're there!!
The head bands are still happening thick and fast...

Found a gorgeous flower to crochet and put on the headbands.

Hey these guys have grown!!!!

A bag of treasure given to me....lots of goodies in here.

Searching the house today for my brown fabric pen so this girl can have some eyes. My beaded dolly is being sold to a young girl that just needs to have one.

The weather is warming up around here and summer will be upon us soon. Not many weeks before we are on school holidays again, boy how time rolls by. Have a super week ahead folks, stay happy.
Cheers, Anita.


Maria said...

WOW it will be a big change for you all with the boys graduating.. What is your Corey going to be doing now?

And you other babies have also grown heaps. Great job you've done with them..

Just LOVE those pencil must be getting lots of headbands tucked away!

Oh what a great bag of goodies. Wish I had something like that as I need to make a silky/ lacey Crazy Patch for my Bee Swap...
Hope to catch up soon. XXX

Kim said...

Year 12 is filled with so many mixed emotions. The boys are beginning a whole new wonderful journey. Love all your crafty things that you have been churning out. Your pencil dolls are super cute. Have a lovely week.

JoJo said...

Several of my friends have had to face 'empty nest syndrome' in the past couple of years too, but somehow the kids have all found their way back home, being unready for the reality of college.

The pencil dolls, and the birds, are so cute!!!

Mereknits said...

I have one son away at University and one on his way at the end of this year, it is so hard to see them grow up so fast.

Fiona said...

yes it is mixed emotions every step as youngsters grow up.... your pencil dolls are so sweet.... so fiddly? and the little birds are growing so well....


Karen said...

It is amazing how quickly our children grow up. And it will be odd having one less in your home!
I see you have continued on your busy way with all your creating.
And I am also amazed at how quickly the chicks are growing!
Have a wonderful week.

Gillian said...

It's a bit sad when your boys move on. Mine 2 boys left quite a few years ago now but we still see each other often. Love your beaded doll.


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