Sunday, October 19, 2014

A busy week

My best friend is the one who brings
Out the best in me.
-Henry Ford.
Hi gang! Boy....have I had a busy week!! Lol...My darling husband came home with three little ones that had come out of a tree in the bush. Let me introduce to you my three new charges.....
Only a mother could love those faces.
These little chicks are called twenty eights. They do turn into colourful birds but are not particularly welcomed in all gardens, especially people with fruit trees in their yards. They do damage by picking out seeds of fruit and then leaving the rest behind. These little guys will live in our aviary unless there is a refuge somewhere that takes them.
So every three hours they are fed. I feel like I have triplets. Lol.

This week my crafting time has been very productive though. Come have a look......
Stitched the buttons on my head bands.
Anyone heard of the crochet term: bphdc ? This pattern has that and it was a bit tricky, but if you are a crocheter you will be fine.
These are for small girls, but if you would like to try this pattern click here.

 A beaded doll in the making. I have been commissioned to make one and have some cute material for the dress.

Oh...oops!...a quick tea break with my favourite magazine. Lots of goodies in here

A sweet little baby beanie.

An interesting  knitting stitch that I just had to try. The pattern is called ‘Slippy mesh stitch’....(apparently). 

It’s a stitch I have never seen before until the Royal Show where the stitch had been used in a baby set. Even though I have knitted forever, I don’t fly well with the new terms and abbreviations used in the knitting world, so I hoped this pattern wouldn’t be in those terms. Thank you Youtube for your help. Lol I decided to watch how it was made instead. Click here if you are interested in this stitch.

On Friday night the Ag. Society members had a BBQ night and celebrate the success of this year’s show.  Of course there were booby prizes and I won 2 of them. The hankies were for me to wipe the sweat off my face as I was close by when the judges were inspecting and picking our knitted items to pieces!!!! Even though I won first prize, it was all too much for me to be within earshot to hear how they go through the work. The eye covers are so I don’t see them doing it!!

A nice little surprise came in the form of this cute little tin. I helped a friend out with some knitting and this was my reward. Thanks Dale, you didn’t have to.

 What will this coming week bring I wonder? I’m hoping for a fabulous, fun week. I’m starting on new projects so I can show and tell next week. We have rain here today at Hayestackhayes, a lovely sound before our summer starts. Hope it’s not bad news for our farmers because there is hay on the ground.
See ya later alligator!!
Cheers, Anita.          


Karen said...

Looking after those little chicks will keep you extra busy, but it will only be for a very short time.
Love the thinking behind the prize you were given.
And the gift from your friend is delightful.

Maria said...

Does Hubby do the night shift seeding those babies? He did bring them home.!!
Nice headbands and I love the bead dolls underwear...
The new stitch looks interesting.
YEH we had a nice drop of rain too.
Have a great week.

Narelle said...

Lots of good times and lovely projects in your post.
Cute triplets? :)

JoJo said...

Those little birds are very cute in an ugly kinda way. How sweet of you to rescue and care for them. Congrats on your first prize win too!

Mereknits said...

They are adorable in their own way, good luck with all the feedings you are going to be exhausted.

Fiona said...

what a lovely post with all sorts of fun things...

Jane Galley said...

those little ones should keep you busy for a little while :)

Katherine said...

You do have your hands busy with your new charges lol. Now chickens come out very cute and then they morph into something pretty average looking when getting their feathers. Wont be long and your triplets will be looking pretty cute indeed. Love the headbands and other projects too. The bead dolls are cute too.

Amy DeCesare said...

I'm enjoying all of the photos of your yarn creations. The crocheted flowers are sooooo lovely, and that little pink hat is the most charming thing I've seen in a long time. So nice to catch up with your adventures!


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