Sunday, October 5, 2014

My lovely week.

The world is the work of a single thought,
expressed in a thousand different ways.
-Madame de Stael, Corinne

Brandon and I have had a quiet week home together, while hubby and Cory have been away go karting. I have caught up with several things I have wanted to do but needed a stretch of uninterrupted time to do. Brandon and I have the same tastes for foods so teatime.......
Salad, mixed beans and chicken fillets....too yummy.
Yes, you all know there will be projects to show and tell. Here they are.....a couple of little crocheted poppies for me to wear on Remembrance Day. Sorry folks, no pattern for these I just made it up as I went along. There are patterns on the net if you want to knit or crochet some.

A visit to the local library was pretty awesome as I found this cute little book to knit interesting little critters from. Some of the patterns are for ferrets, axolotls, hamsters and canaries, as well as the traditional cats, dogs, horses. I had to make myself a goldfish for fun. Great for using up those little bits of yarn that you can’t possibly throw away.

I’m into covered coat hangers now, there are so many cute patterns out there and after seeing what people had made at the show....well....the sky is the limit with what you create.

I’m into covered coat hangers now, there are so many cute patterns out there and after seeing what people had made at the show....well....the sky is the limit with what you create.
For my coat hanger I used 8 ply and cast on 77sts with size 9mm needles. I found a pattern in my Readers Digest book called ‘trinity stitch’, which is much the same as blackberry stitch. If you want to try the stitch I have included it at the end of my blog.

I'm going to be prepared for next year's headband sales and made my first headband to tuck away. Love the pink and the crocheted flower is very sweet. Someone will love it.

Talking about having that uninterrupted block of time, this is where I managed to go for broke and complete the border of the baby blanket I had been knitting. Glad to have finally finished this. lol

 Yes, even time to get into the garden over these holidays. I have weeded heaps around the front yard but now need to take all the weeds around to the trailer. I couldn’t get into the garden today though, we have rain. This is a pic of a favourite little part in my garden. It makes me go all gooey and warm for some reason, don’t know why!! lol

My boys are travelling home today and they will be a welcomed sight. It’s nice to have some me time but enough already. Lovely to catch up with Suz and her tribe. Your felt creations are just super Suz and I know you will do well with your sales.

Wishing everyone out there a great week ahead and stay happy.
Cheers, Anita.

Trinity stitch
KPK = knit, purl, knit into one stitch
P3tog = purl 3 stitches together
Multiple of 7 stitches

Rows 1 & 3: purl
Row 2: * p 3 tog, KPK into next st*. repeat * to * across row, P 3 tog,
Row 4: *KPK into first st, P3 tog*, repeat * to * across row, KPK into last stitch.


Karen said...

Hi Anita. You sure have made the most of your time at home. Great work finishing the blanket edging, and the knitted creatures look like fun. I can imagine you getting carried away with coat hangers and head bands. Good to see some useful rain.

JoJo said...

I thought tea time was cakes, scones and/or cookies! That salad looks yummy!

If you are interested, one of my friends started a blog called Yarn Confections and she has a lot of patterns that people are downloading I believe for free. She's getting quite a bit of traffic on her Craftsy site, which is

Maria said...

Nice to have some time to finish some of your beautiful projects.
Ofcourse you had to knit a wee fish. Great to have finished that lovely blanket. Love the stitch and wool you used in the coat hanger. Good start to your head band collection.
Rained here today too which was a little sad as the family were up for the weekend but good for our tanks.

Fiona said...

always an amazing array of projects that you are doing...

Jane Galley said...

You have had a productive week! Love the hanger and the blanket

Val Spiers said...

Lots of great work and projects. Dinner looks nice and the baby quilt is beautiful. What a lovely finish.

Michelle said...

Beautiful baby blanket, I have a spot in my garden that just "works" for me too, not the flashiest bit but it's somehow just right.

Narelle said...

Your knitting projects are so lovely and clever poppy pattern.
The blue baby blanket is such a gorgeous colour blue.
Looks like lots of fun to be had at the show too.
Thank you for including patterns, I'll need to try some of these :)
Have a lovely weekend x


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