Sunday, November 2, 2014

Enjoying life.

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed
those who help others are helped.

Proverbs 11:25 The message

We are having magnificent weather this weekend, the kind of weather that offers the chance to get out in the garden, do those outside things we love to do and just enjoy the warmth of the day. Hubby and I emptied the trailer, but has already been filled. 

We decided to get stuck into the pool area, doing a heap of pruning, weeding and tidying up.

Still....there has been time to do some knitting as well. Last week I stumbled across a cute knitted hexie cushion pattern on the net. Take a look how I am travelling so far with this project...

Pretty yum hey? Click here for pattern.

I have also been given a sewing job to do. This little chick.......needs a makeover. Here she is at the moment..
I will post again about her when she transforms into a new girl.

With excitement I show you one of my newer bushes in the garden. It is a Cuban variety Hibiscus and, though the photo was taken almost at sunset, the flowers were still open to see its beautiful colour.

Another favourite peaceful place in the garden.

A visit to the craft shop this week made me jump for joy as I found this rather gorgeous shade of pink yarn. Oh.....and some pretty cotton fabric that had to come home with me.

Looks like hundreds and thousands...very cute.

A reflection on this week.......I know I always bag Heather the feather, (secretly she justs loves it!! Ooops!), I hold her friendship  close and couldn’t do without her. Heather made this for me one Christmas, and it sits proudly on my antique tea trolley. 
 I had a lovely afternoon tea with Heather yesterday and threw jibes at each other thick and fast. Of course....I was innocent of all wrong doing. Lol. If you have a special friend treat them well and love them to bits.
Time to do some chillin’....out of here!!

Cheers, Anita.


Kim said...

All that hard work in the garden, Anita has been working a treat. Gorgeous Hibiscus...they seem to die in our li'l patch...I'm supposing it is a wee bit chilly for them. Oh my, you knitted that hexie woolly quickly....I can't wait to knit one. Thank you for the pattern. I am interested in seeing what you do with the dolly. Yes, friendship is a special thing. How lovely that you and your friend, Heather spent a lovely arvo over a cuppa or two.

Dolores said...

I'd love to see how you transform the little doll. Your knitting is divine as is your garden. I too picked up some yarn today but since it's a surprise, I cannot show it. Love that pink.

JoJo said...

You are coming into summer and we're getting hit with a storm right now, all the leaves are falling off the trees and some friends in the midwest are even seeing snow! How was your Halloween? Did you give out candy? Is it a big deal in Australia like here?

Jane Galley said...

You have been busy. I love that hexagon cushion. I might have to check that one out, when I get some time, lol

Anonymous said...

As your garden is waking up sadly mine is starting to go to sleep this side of the world.
Lovely hexagon knitting project.
Enjoy your lovely garden

Mereknits said...

Sounds like a lovely and productive weekend.

Karen S said...

Your garden is looking lovely and obviously enjoying the weather, too.
Have fun with your doll make-over.
The hexie cushion cover is looking great. Enjoy your pink finds.

Gillian said...

Love the pink yarn and hundreds and thousands fabric. You have such beautiful flowers in your garden.


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