Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm a little slow poke!

Happiness is contagious! If allowed
to spread, it can infect
the whole universe with joy.

Hello to you all out there in blog land!! Little Miss here is on holidays as of last Thursday and I haven’t stopped running until today!! Lol These holidays are going to be spent doing craft stuff but that doesn’t mean no housework !! I found this cute owl box in Red Dot for only $2 and it is a good size 13in x 17 in. I have a collection of decorative boxes in my corner of the loungeroom....for my projects at night.
 Cute hey?
On Sunday hubby and I went for a trip to the city and purchased a new shoe stand. We’re very pleased with it and has made the room look heaps tidier than before. We purchased it from Ikea.  

While we were there some towels came home with us. All this domestic stuff is worrying me!!!

 Groovy colours
 Our town hosted a big event... Wesfarmers Centenary Community concert with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, local groups and other guests, playing and entertaining. I was one of many volunteers who helped as the event staff and raised money for our own groups while we were at it. We were there for around 7 hours and I can tell was super hot.

 I believe around 5000 people were there and such a great night. Peter Rowsthorn was the MC and if any of you have watched Kath and Kim (Australian version) you will know him as Bretty on the show. He was such a laugh.

A quick show and tell....

I have almost finished this sweet little cushion cover and is not knitted, it is crocheted. I managed to put my needles down to pick up a crochet hook. I have no bad influences around me right now....she’s in Queensland. Oops...that slipped out Heather the feather. Lol

Have an awesome week gals and I might be dropping in a bit earlier in the week if I finish my cushion.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

That Centenary event would have been wonderful.Great way to raise money but also very entertaining.
Great work on the cushion and the owl is cute.
I find it very dangerous going to Ikea because I find far too many things that I want to bring home!!

Karen said...

PS Enjoy your holidays!!

Maria said...

Wondered where you were? Hmm!!down in the big smoke buying great goodies.. Shoe shelf does keep things tidy and i love the owl box.
Crocheted cushion is lovely and colourful...
enjoy your HOLS and don't do too much ekk housework.....

Shabby Chic Crochet said...

I love the colors of those towels... And of course the granny squares too. Isn't crochet fun?

Fiona said...

aaaah... you used the 'h' word in public!!!! now I am shocked.... looks like you are being very busy...

Julie said...

Great to hear you are on holiday Anita - have a wonderful crafty time. I loved Kath & Kim when it was on over here - used to make me laugh so much. Your new towels look gorgeous & fluffy & that crochet cover is looking wonderful - you sure do plough through the craft work really quickly. Happy week to you :-)

JoJo said...

Very colourful stuff! Love it! Enjoy your holidays! :)

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