Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just one encouraging
word from a friend
can create inspiration
for weeks to come.
I’m happy to say that the last few days of my holidays have been spent well and creatively. I have a stack of pics to share with you and I hope they make you as happy as they’ve made me feel. I’m happy for many in general, hubby is recovering well, kids are happy, Heather the feather has returned from her holiday, we have seen some many things to be happy about!!
The next few photo’s are my finished items to be sold at the tourist centre, so here goes.....
A little girl’s carry all bag and teddy
A dainty clutch decorated with yoyo’s and ribbon

Floral insert with divider inside.
Had to have a matching bead dolly to go with it!

Lovely Heather brought home some goodies for me, which I forgot to show in this posting but will try to remember for next time....this is what I have made out of some of the yarn...
This one is mine!!! Lol
Click here for free pattern.
Just had to slide in a shot of the decorative boxes we purchased this morning to store all our special things in. They look great on the metal storage unit.

A friend asked me about my quilting so I have photo’s of a few quilts I had done some time back....
My most favourite is a Debbie Mumm design. I just love her works so much.

A mini heart quilt, which is pretty old now!!! Lol

In memory of my Mum.
When I first saw this design it reminded me of my Mum out in the garden and she had a pet rabbit.

I hope your visit was a nice one, I loved sharing with you and I’m about to shoot off into that sewing shed once again. I’ve made a promise to myself to get into the sewing shed in the day time (when I’m home) and do the knitting at night. It’s been working for the last couple of weeks. Lol
Stay safe and remember each day we have is a bonus.

Cheers, Anita.


Val Spiers said...

I love the little things you have made to sell at the tourist centre. The teddy and bead dolly are so cute too. Great scarf pattern. Nice and chunky. Great quilts. I like the garden one too. Hope you manage to get some more sewing done.

Maria said...

Your posts always make me happy Anita...
Pleased hubby is getting better.
The little bag and teddy will make a little girl very happy too.
Nice warm scarf and lovely little quilts and bag.

Maria said...
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Jane Galley said...

Another creative week, love that scarf

JoJo said...

so many beautiful projects! I LOVE that yarn too.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a fabulous post Anita...I love that yarn!

Catherine said...

Thank you for a lovely, heart lifting post. Since my fathers death last November I have found it hard to get over gloomy thoughts on being the oldest family member (too much sharing? Sorry) So I shall take your thought 'every day is a bonus' with me today. I like your plan of sewing by day and knitting by night too. The blanket you admired on my blog is by the lady who owns The Natural Dye Studio. She uses the afghans as part of her display at yarn shows. I'll post a link on my blog to her website. Thanks for being a lovely regular visitor and commentator on my blog

Catherine said...

PS here's the link!

Sandra :) said...

Oh heavens this is such an eye candy post - I can't even pick a favourite project! However, the little bags with matching dollies - are the sweetest things I've ever seen! How perfect for little girls - I bet they'll sell quickly! Pinning for inspiration :D


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