Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome Christmas! heel and toe,
Come and fill us ere you go!
-Mary Mapes Dodge, Rhymes and Jingles.
Not long to go now and Santa will visit all those who believe. The last minute preparations are being made and with only a few more gifts to wrap, things are set. We are expecting 40C in our parts and that's fine because the swimming pool is waiting for us. I made this cute little reindeer brooch in next to no time. I was google imaging a pattern or design for a reindeer to make and just by free hand drawing, I made this little guy. He is made from felt scraps, sewn on eyes and a bit of stitching. All up he is about three inches high.
Whimsy reindeer
I had fun knitting up these little Christmas puddings and added a chocolate to balance things out. A calorie free treat with a treat that's loaded with calories!! I wrapped them in cello and served them on a small saucer. Of course, the Principal had to get the biggest Christmas pudding, that was a different pattern to the small puddings I knitted.
With love and good joy
A cute little knitted teddy to go into the library for next year. The pattern is from the Guardian Angel book. Some more little owls crocheted to go and live at another school library (not mine). A knitted cat had been made, also for the other school library. Click here for the pattern. Very simple and quick to make. I didn't include the whiskers because the kids have a habit of pulling anything sticking out.....I even wondered about the tail!! lol.
Just quickly on the sewing front, I went into my sewing shed to start cleaning it out and ended up sewing a little Christmas sack. It is only 5 inches x 7 inches approximately but it will be handy to present a gift to someone.
Christmas sack
I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and stay safe over the festive season. While some bloggers take this opportunity to maybe have a break from blogging, I take this time to blog a bit more as I have holidays. So I hope to make lots of things to share with you over this time.
Cheers, Anita.


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Val said...

A cute little reindeer. Looks like you are pretty ready for Christmas. I looks forward to seeing your sewing projects.


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