Thursday, October 11, 2012

The morning is wiser

than the evening.

-Russian proverb.
It's 9am and I'm still slouching around in my PJ's...something
I don't usually do. I thought Imay as well share a few photo's with
you before I start my day.
Darling Heather has put me onto these cute little
knitted Christmas puddings.

Christmas pudding
They are all over her house and they caught my eye. I made the
first pudding and though hmmm....there's lots of bits I'm going to have to
sew in. The pudding is knitted in 8ply and I had loads of brown yarn

but when it came to the custard topping I onlyhad 4 ply. I doubled the
 yarn and kept knitting. I have since found some 8 ply in the custard
colour and have used that instead of the doubled 4 ply yarn. I am now
 hooked (thank you very much Heather) and can't stop making them.
The pattern can be found in an old edition of
One of my favourite magazines!!
Handmade Volume 24 Number 12.
True to my word I have continued to spring clean whilst on holidays.
More cleaning
 I am very proud of myself as I can usually find a stack of other
things to do instead of housework!!! Still in the Christmas mood I have
made a little Christmas holder to put sweets in and this will be a gift for
A Christmas gift
I have no pattern I'm afraid, I just made a cone shape
and went for it. Influenced from a recent trip to a craft shop
 I made this little journal-come-paper holder. I don't know about
you but I have a million photocopied projects that are
 scattered allover the place. I have made this holder to keep all
 my copied patterns together.

Just love Debbie Mumm material
I will probably make another one for sewing patterns too. I had this
fantastic piece of Debbie Mumm material given to me and just the
right amount I needed to make my project. A pic of my most favourite dessert
at this time. I've added mixed berries with the most yummiest yoghurt around.
The yoghurt
comes in a big container and we buy it in a big container with the
intention that I share it with my hubby. Poor thing.....never gets
to have any, I eat it all. Oopps!
Have the best day without a care in the world.
Cheers, Anita.







Wendy said...

Lovely! These Christmas pud is so cute and I love your gift holder.

p.s. did you know you have word verification on? I'm really struggling with it this time!

Karen said...

Those little puddings look delicious. What a great idea!
And I do like the Debbie Mumm fabric. There used to be so many different designs of her fabric at one time. Great way to use it.
Love the gift cones, too.
You enjoy your dessert!!!

CheeKeeLee said...

The pudding crochet is so cute!


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