Friday, October 5, 2012

The Christmas mood strikes!!

I have learned,

in whatsoever state I am,

therewith to be content.

-St. Paul.
Hello, I have just dragged myself out of
my sewing shed, and boy it was hard to
do!! I made an early start on....supposedly
cleaning my sewing shed up, I did start to
but then I laid eyes on some Christmas material.
This is what I’ve made this morning, a
Christmas present bag and a small gusset
Christmas box. Great ideas to jazz up
the joy of giving at Christmas.
 Getting in the Christmas mood....already!!
I am rather pleased with this little stitchery
that I enjoyed making.
A couple of days ago after I’d painted the
furniture for the dolls house, I made some
cute bed linen for the dolls bed. I rather
like the ric rac, it is nice and bright.
Funky bedding for the doll house
My rascal friend Heather and I went for a
trip to a quaint little town about 20
minutes away from home. We had heard of
a fantastic craft shop there and had to
investigate for ourselves. Of course
Heather finds the best things!
The hand of a precious soul
We also went
for a walk to the op-shop and it was
typical of a small country town. Everyone
we met said hello, smiled and seemed
cheery. It was such a peaceful place.
I promised myself while I was on holidays
that I would do one spring clean job a day,
That hasn’t happened yet today, but it will.
I attacked my antique tea trolley yesterday
replacing all the doilies and runners with
fresh ones.
 Clean up day
Some of my treasures
 I just love the look of sparkling
China and dishes. I’m weird, I know.
Well, I can hear the sewing shed calling my
name, so I must go.



Karen said...

Yes, the Christmas bug is kicking in. Great to see your lovely projects for the season. You will always find distractions when you are cleaning out sewing items.
Love the bedding for the doll furniture.
Have fun? with your Spring Cleaning!

Mistea said...

Lucky you having your very own shed to create in.

Nice Christmas doings. Love the stitchery.

Nice creations you have shown recently, cute calorie free foods.

Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.


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