Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little owl

Don’t get mad
get even!!
I found the cutest little owl to crochet, here he is!! Don't you just love him?
Sweet little owl
 I must admit I didn't follow the instructions because I have never followed a crochet pattern before so I did my own thing. You can click here if you want the real instructions though.
Little owl is about 2 inches across, uses hardly much yarn and is a great way to use up those bits. I had some scrap felt and a couple of spare buttons so I used those for the eyes and nose.
From the boxes of craft stuff given to me, I have been using the cotton to knit up baby bootees as a good way to use it up. As the babies around here are due in the hot months I couldn't resist knitting up bootees in cotton, it's nice to knit with.

Green and white
Now I want to share with you something that made me so cross. The photo's that will follow was damage done by 5 young children aged between 7 years and 15 years old.....because it was school holidays and they were bored. Follow with me .....

 This is what is left of the kitchen.
 Meeting room with so much glass smashed and stuff thrown everywhere.
 The white cupboard weighed a tonne!! How they moved it is beyond me. And the top right hand corner shows the pin up board all torn off the wall.

 Another cabinet that took 4 big blokes to put up on the bench in the first place...all smashed and on the floor.
 The last picture is one of the most unbelievable things. All those exposed beams were covered with white pin up boards that are laying on the ground and they are really heavy. That damage was right throughout the pavilion
Can't believe it? No nor can the Agricultural Society whose pavilion was savagely destroyed by these little thugs. 8 rooms in total were destroyed, every bit of glass except for 1 cake cabinet and 1 light globe were untouched. Perhaps the darlings were all tired out from destroying everything else. The thugs have been caught and are due in court on the 5th November. To top it all off, the parents were invited to come and see the damage their children had many of them rolled up?? The answer is none.
I had to share that with you because I still can't believe all that damage. I have been with the society for about 4 years and it upset me, can you imagine how the other members who have been their for 40 years + feel?
All I can say is I hope things change in communities and this sort of thing is not tolerated.
See you next time without my cross eyes.
Cheers, Anita.


soft toys said...

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raining sheep said...

Wow, Anita, that is an amazing amount of damage! I cannot believe it, never have seen anything like it. I don't even know what to say. Hopefully they were caught and appropriately they should have to clean the place up and work off the hours to pay for the damages. Unbelievable.

On a happier note I love the crochet booties.

Karen said...

Your owl is cute and I love those little bootees.
Your description of the damage was very accurate. Sad to see.


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