Friday, September 7, 2012

These glorious days.

Dance like no one is watching,

love like you’ll never be hurt,

sing like no one is listening,

live like it’s Heaven on earth.

William Purkey.

I missed blogging last weekend but I’ve returned with heaps of interesting bits. Most exciting and nerve racking news is that this morning I was invited for morning tea at the high school my son attends to meet the Honourable Peter Collier, Minister for Education; Energy; and Aboriginal Affairs. My knees were knocking and the teeth were a chatting, but I had nothing to fear. A very warm, down-to-earth, and friendly person he turned out to be. It was an honour to get the opportunity to meet this very nice person.

I’m such a shrimp!!
I found a useful way to use some of the decorative boxes given to me by lovely Denise. I filled them with sweets, wrapped them in cello and made paper tags as Father’s Day gifts for the school stall.

Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day!
Talking about school, I have been flat out getting the library dressed up for Children’s Book Week. Here are a few snaps of the outstanding work the children completed.

 Lovely work by the children
How bright!!!
A bit of free time gave me the chance to make another I-spy quilt. As usual, I haven’t measured up any sizes and some of the shapes aren’t perfect, but it’s bright, fun and laying across the display desks in the library as we speak.
Next week is show week and I’m awfully excited!! I love seeing what other people have made and maybe give me inspiration to try different things. I only have about 8 entries to put in this year as I had spent most of this year happily knitting baby gear for special little people the stork dropped off.
Have the most perfect weekend and get to really enjoy the gifts life gives us. My little partner in crime (Heather) and I are off on a jaunt to the wool shop in a neighbouring town and then on to another little town to check out the tearooms that are meant to  be just fantastic. We’ll be happy, big bags of wool, tea and cake sloshing around in our bellies and Heather driving us home at her usual 70km’s an hour!!!
Take care, Anita.

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Karen said...

Lots going on for you at school. The library display looks wonderful!
Have fun at the wool shop and good luck for the show.


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