Sunday, September 16, 2012

Annual Agricultural Show

My own mind

Is my church

Thomas Paine
It was showtime this weekend and even
though I only managed
to enter 7 items, I came home with 3 first prize, 1
second prize and 3 third prize wins. My pink baby
gown/dress came first, one of the chemo caps came
2nd, my two bananas in PJ's came first. The two
items I had made in the recycled section both
had third place wins and I'm pretty happy with that.
My dressed doll also came in first place.
Next year I aim to enter more items and start earlier.
 In the same section I had a couple of entries there was
this magnificent wooden horse. Of course it came
1st in its section and won the best exhibit
award, rightly so. I thought it would be
nice to share it with you.
This cute little teddy is actually knitted. I managed
to catch up with the lady who knitted it and
she is happy to share the pattern with me.
Here are some little teddies I have knitted and
the pattern is from a Guardian Angel book from
several years ago.These two guys are knitted in 8 ply
yarn, just scraps as usual, and they have gone
to live in my library.
Now that the show is over for another year I can start on
my baby clothes as there will be two visits from the stork to
drop off a couple of special babies soon. Our weather is
warming up and today I feel like sitting outside in
the sunshine.
All the best and enjoy your day.
Regards, Anita.
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Val Spiers said...

Congratulations on all your prizes. Well done. The horse is certainly magnificent and looks hard to beat. I'm glad the bananas won.

Karen said...

Congratulations, Anita. Fantastic prizes for all your wonderful work.
I agree that the horse does look wonderful. And the bears are cute and cuddly.
Good luck with all your baby knitting, again. And by the way, our little one is 6 months old this week!

Seams Sew Together said...

Congratulations! Anita on your wins, you should be proud.

Aussie Maria said...

Congrats on your achievements . Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It's nice to know others love those beautiful vintage patterns. Have quickly scanned your blog and see there is lots for me to read. Btw I love the little sayings at the start of each post


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