Sunday, September 23, 2012

Children are our pathway
to understanding,
the season for patience
and our inspiration for
future hope.
-Lynne Kooij

         Hello again, we are having such unusual weather
         here this weekend. We have the wind blowing, it's
         hot and cold and the weather is all over the place.
         It has not stopped me from doing my favourite
         things outside though. I have started on another
         I-spy tablecloth, I know I seem to be making alot
         of tablecloths but I need many of them to cover
         lots of desks at school for displays. Also it has
         reduced the scrap bags I have hidden in my
         sewing shed.
       A friend kindly gave me a big bag full of nylon ribbon
       to knit with. So I quickly went to the local craft shop
       and purchased a little doll to make a toilet roll cover
       using the nylon. I was a bit let down because
       apparently the doll is too small. I bet I could work the
       pattern out to make the dress fit the doll. I'll let you
       know how I go.
On Friday night I was invited to a thank you BBQ at
the Agricultural Society for all volunteers who helped
at the show. That bunch of people, mostly farmers,
are a great bunch of fun loving larrikins I have come
across. They are a bunch of the nicest
way, and when you tease them they don't get
offended, as some people do. One of the farmer's
wives reminded me to help myself to the leftover
straw that was used in the sheep section. I did just
that and have started spreading it over our garden.
In the meantime while doing show duties, gardening
etc, I have managed to slip in a knitted pair of bootees
and a pair of knitted pants.
                                                 Lovely bootees
For someone special
 I have a jacket on the go for night time leisure but
 I'm not far enough along to show any of it off.

I have been told about an old craft coming back
into vogue and though I've been told its name I
cannot locate any information about it. Anyone
out there heard of the craft called trichot? It uses
a knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end
of it. I am interested in having a go at this craft.
Hope you can help me.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend in my
sewing shed. I plan to do some more sewing before
the week starts. I have three and a half working days
to go before I go on holidays again and I'm so
Cheers, Anita.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Yay! Roll on holidays!
Your garden will really appreciate all the straw you are spreading around. And I am sure you can work out a pattern for that doll!


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